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Won't sleep, Can't sleep


good afternoon

from a very overtired cookie who has not had a crumb of sleep since waking at 7pm yesterday evening.

My body clock has run out of batteries and is not working, to be polite lol. i have no sleepers left and no money to invest in pills that dont work e.g Nitol. Apart from encouraging my OH to bop me on the head, i dont know what to do.

Ive done 72 hours no sleep before and it was not nice. My brain wont shut down, the body beautiful is knackered and cant move but the brain is in the wide awake club. Maybe Timmy can help me out with his mallet lol.

Do any of you people know a natural way to get to sleep using flour, cat food, baked beans or spaghetti hoops as thats all ive got in my cuboard.

Answers to: Cookie, the eye glazed semi human sitting up in bed.

thankyou and god bless you all

Love and hugs xxxxxx.

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O Cookie , what can i say

Maybe a visit to the GP ? because I cant think of anything else , not with the ingrediants you have in your cupboard any way

You need your sleep though , but how I dont no :-o

Do any of the other meds you are taking say they can cause sleep disturbance , if they do , you need to tell them

Look at me been serious with my Cookie , its cos I care

Well lack of sleep , still doesnt take away your sense of humor & I love you lots for that

(((((((((((((hugs )))))))))))))

I will try my tongue cos I no you like it ...hang on it might not work .... :P


Cookster99 in reply to Hidden

LOL, what no nose on them faces.

No they dont mention it. GP wont give me any more as he says they are addictive lol, I get 14 a month, Lucky me lol. ive got painkillers that cause drowsiness but im not going down that road xxx

Hidden in reply to Cookster99

sounds like you are taking them to quick then ...you need to spread them out & thats the meds I am talking about before you answer lol


Cookster99 in reply to Hidden

ROFL, flippin LOL,the only time they get spread is when im washing IT lol.


the pills are only 3 point F all mg. how do you spread that out? they suck xxx

Hidden in reply to Cookster99

Now I did say be good didnt I , but forgot this is Cookie

Well if you have 14 a month , then thats not many a week lol just added up there (shock)

Thats 3 & a bit a week , you will have to bite them in half

I no I am no help here , I did give it a go though ;)


Cookster99 in reply to Hidden

as usual, you are right........... U R NO BLOODY HELP ROFL xxx

Hidden in reply to Cookster99

Cheers mate



Hi cookie, sorry to hear about your predicament....have found in the past that Night Nurse causes drowsiness (I think there are two types) other than that don't know what to suggest....hope you get some relief soon,wishing you Love & Peaceful sleep, Eloisa.

Cookster99 in reply to Eloisa

Thanx Eloisa,

i hope i get relief too, before the flock wallpaper starts appearing lol. xxx

Hi cookie,

Hope youve managed to get to sleep, what works for me is not actually going to bed, get comfy on sofa and watch a fav film or prog , dont think about sleeping I know thats easier said than done, if its something I think I dont want to miss that usually guarantees i nod off and miss it lol !!

Mimii. :)

Cookster99 in reply to mimii

lol, how true, i either fall asleep or my OH talks all the way through it lol xxx

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