⚠️ Suicide *TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️

For those who think they cant take it anymore or cant live with their anxiety or depression or what ever strikes them down either on a daily basis or monthly yearly etc please PLEASE you must remember a few things.. your not alone in this thats what made you come to this website you were seeking answers seeking a form of HOPE please DO NOT GIVE UP you must remember NOTHING LASTS FOREVER not even our pain nothing.. everyday we have a battle but we also have a choice in what we do.. no one can give you the answers you must find them yourselves we can only give you hope that the answers will present themselves to you soon a lot of people have suffered on this site including myself for their own length we may or may not have thought of suicide but thats NEVER the answer you see I had a buddy who ended his own life didnt say a damn thing it fucking hurt. Its the easy way out but its the hardest on those you leave behind no matter the way we communicate with people wether its a smile in the hallways or a conversation through fb or text or any other social media WE CONNECT eith people we touch each others hearts and every choice we so can affect someone other than yourselves ths post is to make awareness that IT WILL GET BETTER everything will be okay TIME and STRENGTH is all it takes to get that first step life is gonna knock us down OVER AND OVER we are gonna be affected by something that happens but PLEASE suicide is NOT THE ANSWER /: i can only imagine how some may think its the best thing to do is leave this pain and sufferring but everyone will be affected your parents your friends your exs your bf gf EVERYONE who knows maybe its not even better after we leave this world? Just PLEASE remember YOUR NOT ALONE YOUR SUFFERING can come to an END but you MUST NEVER GIVE UP please every person you connected with in life and on forums GET AFFECTED please we all care about you all and try our very best to help each and everyone of you guys get through another day.. we cannot look in the future because we will be affecting how we think such as if im like this in 5 years its gonna be hell i cant or beig in the past i wasnt like this back then we are in the NOW we must get rhough it one day at a time life will have its ups and downs but i promise you if you put in every ounce of effort in changing things can get better we are all here please do not leave this world no matter how hard you think this life is YOU ARE STRONG life would NEVER GIVE YOU ANYTHING YOU CANT HANDLE if you ARE THIBKING ABOUT SUICIDE PLEASE REMEMBER the lives you touched will be affected when your no longer here.. your parents will be in constant heart break.. as an ambulance driver in my home town I see a lot of suicides.. IT FUCKING SUCKS.. please i cannot stress it enough THERE IS ALWAYS AN ANSWER other thans suicide.. IF your feeling like ending it PLEASE think about it think about what your about to do whos lives your about to change I HAVE BEEN THERE I HAVE TRIED IT MYSELF please.. do not feel hopeless im always here if you need to talk ANYONE idc! Just DONT END IT dont be done with life cause LIFE AINT DONE WITH YOU not even close! We can OVERCOME ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING

Ps- THIS ISNT a judgement kind of post this is a sincere post that i was affected by someones recent post and actions because we connected even if it was just for a few conversations having a good lauh or what ever this isnt meant to hurt people or make them feel weak this is a poster of this forum that CARES even if we just have a few back to back hey good mornings or a advice like conversation I CARE its being an EMPATH i feel everything even when i dont want to but please dont take my post negatively because i want nothing but positivity in the lives of everyone on this forum and in this post again I DONT MEAN ANY HARM

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  • Most importantly talk to someone tell and find the courage to ask for help

  • Yes this is very true !

  • My father in law committed suicide 5 yrs ago he never acted down or hurt was at my house the day before playing with his grandkids... It broke my heart I think of him everyday!! He was 67 yrs old my oldest son has never been the same and neither have i...

  • This is why i say we must think of others instead of orselves sometimes I feel suicide is selfish because your only thinking of relieving yourself of pain but causing others long lasting pain.. i know some people are going to think this as a negative thing but truly think about this when you think of suicide who are you thinking about.. yourself.. im so against suicide and thin kthere is ALWAYS A BETTER ANSWER im sorry for those who are going thrgh it or have gone through it i truly am.. in my town we have a lot of them and like i said i drive the ambulance i know a good portion of the people who ended their lives.. but even if i didnt know them i feel for them.. to hear someones wife screaming for her husband who hung himself on christmas morning 65years old and having the wife walk down to make breakfast see that and scream on top of her lungs THATS FUCKING DEEP

  • kevoreally, What a powerful post. I back you up 100% in everything you say. It's true in that we do have choices in life but remember, those choices we make also impact the people who love us. So choose wisely and stay safe.

  • Life is what we make it i once was very cynical and thought negative and now i think more positive i truly believe that when we think negative we create a negative environment around us and that makes everything seem so bad when in reality we are healthy we are living lives that half the people in other countries or states have it way worse.. i always thought my life was terrible but i opened my eyes i saw the bigger picture that people are losing their arms and limbs and have not stopped moving forward there was this youtube who was born with one arm and no hands or legs and hes going to the freaking gym and hes more toned than most gym nuts that have all function of their body! There is absolutely no excuse why we shouldnt be that motivated if you saw this guy and heard his story ITS AMAZING it truly is and it proves hat NO MATTER HOW MUCH LIFE KNOCKS YOU DOWN YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK UP AND SAY YOU HIT LIKE A GIRL and keep moving! Life is what we make it if we wanna be negative we are gonna be surrounded by negatives that means angry people bad cups of coffee bad service NEGATIVE ANYWHERE YOU CAN THINK but if we stay positive EVERYTHING GETS BETTER everything changes for the greater good we have positive encounters and positive thoughts and that helps us get by TRY IT everyone think positive for one week and then think negwtive for another YOULL SEE ITS TRUE but pleasee EVERYONE JUST THINK BEFORE YOU ACT and stay aafe and DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

    We all are dealing with the same game just different levels dealing with the same hell just different devils REMEMBER THAT

  • My words exactly kevoreally... Keep preaching this, if you help save one person from a lost life with anxiety, you've accomplished your goal. Stay positive my friend It's the only way to go :)

  • Absolutely you preach wise words aswell! And im sure people have impacted you as you impacted them im very sure all of us have in some form of way

  • kev, it takes all of us with a team approach to help each other when we are lost and lonely. Together as a forum, we can make the difference.

  • Making a difference is so important.. This is my first time on this forum and it breaks my heart to read some of the posts. I just pray there is always someone around when someone needs to talk.. My heart goes out to all the families who have had to deal with a loved one who took their life.

  • yankeesmom, we try our hardest to see through anyone having a crisis situation and immediately report it to administration who follows through.

    It is a wonderful caring forum that we can feel comfortable in sharing our life's experiences. I'm glad to welcome you to the Anxiety Forum. My best, Agora1

  • Thank you Agora1 for writing. I hope in some way I can help. I appreciate a group like this for those who are in need.

  • yankeesmom, it's a team approach with caring people as yourself to share their own journey with anxiety and it's issues as well as support and understand others struggling from day to day.

    Together we can make each other feel less alone and not as fearful. Looking forward to seeing you on the forum. xx

  • Listen to Jeff1943 and Agora1 they have the best techniques for anxiety!

  • Please, this extensive discussion has created the only trigger for high anxiety I have ever had during all the months I have been a member. I have anxiety as part of my PTSD and the horrible nightmares I have every night involved violence and killings and deaths by other means. It may be just me, but thought you should know. I need to close the computer and try to calm down for a while.

    I do hope the post has helped someone who may be considering suicide.

  • I am sorry HearYou, that this extensive discussion has caused you higher anxiety. It all stemmed around one of our members, Danielle. Sometimes talking about a taboo subject is better than burying it. Unfortunately, these things happen in life and I agree that it is not for everyone to read. In wanting to helped those stunned and hurt by the subject matter, it has caused you harm in which I regret. The forum is used as a means of helping each other but not while hurting another. From my end, the subject is close. xx

  • Thank you. I know she tried to kill herself and I saw her post that she was out of the hospital...did she actually die? In the past I had written to her rather extensively.

    Please tell me she's ok.

    The deaths of others sometimes permeate my dreams where I can't help them.

  • No she did not. She is in a private hospital for the help she needs right now. Everything is okay. She is safe. Take care of yourself HearYou. You know I care xx

  • Thank you. I'm a "bloody wreck" at the moment.

  • I think losing him defiantly made my anxiety spiral out of control i spent years going through every piece of paper in his house just hoping for an answer.. some closure

  • Wyominganxiety, how sad. I am truly sorry for your loss. xx

  • Thank you he was truly a great man!

  • Im so sorry for your loss

  • Thank you

  • Im so sorry to hear about your loss.. xox

  • Just remember every time we wake up in the morning we are given a second chance to do what we didnt do yesterday if that means taking a risk to recover from anxiety or apologizing to the one we hurt with words or actions EVERY DAY we are given chances to chane or continue the same path reflect on your life see what you are doing and every morning do it differently do what we are meant to do STAND TOVETHER we are like wolves (i think this is the right analogy) they are weak alone but strong as a pact WE MYST STAND TOGETHER

  • I don't think anyone should say suicide is selfish the person must be really in pain too deep to even think about other people. Inside their mind must be truly horrible to even consider something so drastic

  • justcallanxiety, I agree in that once that line has been crossed, thinking of other people is the last thing on their minds. They want instant relief and that is the only escape they can think of. There are actually suicide attempts (where all rational decisions are gone) as well as suicidal tendencies or thoughts. This is where a good therapist can help sway the patients harmful negative thoughts by putting them in hospital where intense therapy and medication can make the difference between life and death.

  • I hated my bestfriend for taking his life a few years ago then the guilt consumed me. I never knew anything was wrong his attitude was always the same always partying and drinking together nobody saw it not even me who was the closest. I realize people with depression and anxiety are great at hiding pains

  • Yeah i just idk i feel is selfish but i also feel its so painful that its hard to act or think rational but its a very open ended debate wether its selfish or not but there is no right answer other than getting help when its very needed we also have to remember we cannot help those who do not see a problem or that dont want the help.. i have tried so much to help people that didnt want to be helped but we must realize at one point or another there is only so much we can do that is why they say treat everyone the way you want to be treated and to treat everyone with a good positive attitude because deep down they could be wanting to end their life or be going through dark times and need someone they will never tell you you have to put the pieces together and by then most times its too late :/ but always be kind

  • You right i don't look at people the same way after that. In the back of my mind im always wondering what's going on are folks really okay or just hiding their pain.

  • For me i feel everyones pain i feel the shift in energy when im around people especially if im having a conversation with someone i feel their energy shift and thats when i know that "im fine" is bs or they say "nothings wrong" people constantly try to hide their emotions because they either fear judgement OR they fear being defined as "weak" or because their parents raised them to hide their emotions such as crying for males how men have to hide their emotions bcause society said if you cry your weak and not a man its bs everything in society today os WRONG.. SO WRONG its judgement everywhere you go you have to be SKIN AND BONE to be defined as BEAUTIFUL or MUSCLULAR to be defined as HOT or rich to get by or get passed people ITS MESSED UP

  • Thank you for completing this post. Good posters, and replies. I just was the wrong reader and I am in an anxiety attack. Walked away several times and did some other task, and the post was still going, so I waited until it was finished to thank the writers and apologize that I couldn't read it. Am in a very bad anxiety attack. Never had a trigger before on this venue. So it must be something with my anxiety and nightmares of violence and killings that are involved. I respect all the writers but just couldn't take the post. May I will try again in a few days.

  • Death is a terrible thing especially when someone chooses it rather than fate choosing it the death dreams you maybe having is your thoughts that your anxiety will be so bad you wont be able yo handle it if i were you i would seek answers throgh a psychiatrist before those dreams become thoughts not saying they will but these are signs of darker times but i promise this will get better and i am here to listen if you need im sorry that this post affected you in such a way did not mean it too have a negative affect i hope you recover just breathe and vent

    I have updtaed the post title to make sure this is warning for others who may get triggered

  • Thank you for your concern and interest. I have been dealing with these nightmares since 2017 when a large truck totaled my car and nearly me, including injury to part of my brain. I have the care of a very good neuropsychiatrist since 2019. The nightmares pull from that accident and other situations of violence, stalking, death and loss. I still practice dream changing, and the theme of one of the nightmares ended earlier this year. For over twelve years my service dog woke me early from the nightmares and "pawed" my ankle if a daymare occurred when waiting for a traffic light when walking. Since I had to make the decision to help him die, the nightmares have increased. So I just have my anxiety and depression as constant companions, and need ways to cope as life changes. When it is my time to die, so be it and I hope I have the choice of how.

  • It doesn’t matter how much we struggle, everyone finally finds their salvation. Don’t give up. Remember to identify and see what you feel as symptoms. Our body and mind are overloaded with adrenaline. We all can be victorious!

  • Yes we can!!! Preach itttt

  • Thank you

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