I asked a pharmacist if I can take loratadine 10mg and omeprazole 20mg together he said that was fine if I took them at least 2 hours apart I took a loratadine at 10:30am this morning and I have just took omeprazole 20mg at 8:30pm tonight but still scared they are going to interact with each other even tho it doesnt say anything in the leaflets about them interacting is this just my anxiety I have anxiety really bad I get a panic attack even if im sat down watching eastenders lol. X any replys would be much appreciated. X


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  • Hi Lauren,

    I think any kind of reaction you have will be brought out solely by your fears...and not the medication... I understand concern for mixing any kind of drugs, but you did the right thing by asking your dr. You will be fine... Have you discussed all of your anxiety with your dr? It doesn't sound like the meds are helping very much... However, your mind can prevent the pills from helping.

    Maybe you could think about getting some kind of counseling to get over your fears. You deserve good be good to yourself and make sure you treat yourself well! :) Take care.

  • Thankyou for your reply, my dr thinks im a hyperchondriac the only counselling I can have is CBT dr wont do anything else for me.

  • Hi Lauren your doctor has no right to say that about you.i go to the doctor more times than them lol I've health anxiety.but don't worry and I've had councilling for cbt helps.good luck.

  • Do you go doctors a lot I do and now when I ring up they ask what it's for I hate anxiety x

  • Hi i use to go to the doctor every week i book appointment on line lol but since having councilling i don't go so much has doctor don't examine me just talk so i thought that's a waste of time.Lol just keep positive anxiety and panic attacks can't hurt you it's only fear fight or flight keep doing what you want and when you do it praise yourself you be surprised how you feel.😊

  • Thanks much lovely but it's horrible xxx

  • Yeah im always at the docs lol they always ask me what its for this time

  • That's what they say to me it's horrible isn't it x

  • Hello

    I am sure this is your anxiety & I have & can still have the same kind of anxious thoughts you are having but be reassured you left a big enough space between the meds so you will be fine , your Doctor would not have prescribed them both otherwise , try & relax and when the thoughts come in push them back out if you can :-)

    Hope we have helped a little to try & reassure you

    Take Care x

  • Both your replies have helped thankyou :) it was 2 different doctors that gave me meds one for silent reflux and loratadine for allergies I was coughing up clear phlegm so they said it must be an allergy.

  • They always look on your notes to see what medications you are already taking before they prescribe any more , you have been told they are safe to take as long as you give them a space between them and when it comes to meds pharmacists are as trained as any Doctor in knowing what you can take and can't so you will be fine

    If next time you see the Doctor you could always ask why they feel the need to take them both or is it necessary to take them both but meanwhile I don't think you have anything to worry about you did the right thing and checked up with the pharmacists and got the ok :-) x

  • I take them both at the same time and its never been an issue.Try to relax and not think about it. I'm sure you will be fine

  • Read minding the body mending the mind. it will teach you to relax

  • Thankyou and yeah I will read the book

  • Hi I'm on warfarin and all medication interacts at some point not to worry has won't hurt you your doctor will advise you IF it happened but not always happens.good luck.

  • Thankyou everyone who replied to my post:) :) Good Luck to me and everyone who is suffering anxiety/panic attacks/OCD keep smiling and be positive everyone :) :) :) we will get over our anxiety problems :) together we will find a way

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