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It's getting worse

I'm getting so fed up of my anxiety I'm at work and feel like I can't cope with the easiest tasks. I feel like I'm going to cry any minute. I wish this would stop. I'm stronger than this but feel so helpless. Doesn't help that to book a doctors appointment uv have to book on the day so can't fit things in around work. :-( desperately unhappy. :-(

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hmm is there any way you could speak to your bosses and get a doctors appointment? that is such a vital thing- maybe you can get them to agree to allow you a day off?


Book a day off then book docs


it may be safer to just go sick for the day or morning , in case they wont let you have day off or let you leave work for the docs. I dont think they can refuse doc appt. However once you have asked if they say no , it will look strange when you go sick. so as first said maybe better just to go sick. so you can get there.





Hope as the day has gone on you are feeling a little better & you have managed to work out how to get to see the GP

Remember even if it does mean phoning in sick , your health has to come first , or you wont have a job to go to , if you dont look after you

Things will get better , its little steps & just talking on here , you are starting to open up & that helps





Work have been brilliant with me. Got to give them credit spoke to my team leader said I was struggling today and she found me a task that was less stressful, turned out to be a more full on job as in constant but not taxing on the ol brain which really helped she said I'm just to let her know what time docs appointment is so she knows when il be in. Anxiety strikes again never as bad as you think it is. Grrrr!!


I'm very lucky as work have been great with it all



That's great they are being supportive, like whywhy said you're health comes first. Have you made an appointment?

I know how you feel I find it difficult at work sometimes even thought I'm trying to concentrate it's not always enough to keep the anxiety away. but I keep telling myself everything's ok over and over and over it works 75% of the time which is better than last week, give it a try. Xx


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