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Is it right that i want to move out and have my own house/flat even though i have bad anxierty

Hello folks

Ive posted before but not that much because im lame

I'm looking to move out of home, i moved back here after university. since my brake down and i have social anxiety my Mother has been a star and she is always there for me. Although saying that it is time that i gain my independence back now and i would love to move out and find my own place. Mum dose not think that it would be a good idea because she thinks that i will just stay in the house/flat and that i will never leave (as i don't leave the house now without my mother or very close friend).

Dose any body know if there is any sort of organisation that would help me. I'm trying to get back to work but mentally i find it hard and i have panic attacks and i just cant cope.

If any one could help me that would be amazing.

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Hi Iozzy I think it's healthy to want your independence and if you need to move out you should. You do need to put a support network around yourself though. Your family could help you with that. You could also try your doctor for advice or how about ringing up the helpline here? Have you tried googling it? I am sure someone will come along soon who knows more about it than I do but these are just some thoughts I had.

Good luck with it.

Bev x


Thank you Bev, Yeah i do have an amazing set of friends and family who support me. I will ask my doctor, i never thought to ask him about looking to more out, i'm sure he should know about some sort of help.

Oh good im glad you think its healthy that i want to gain my independence again, im not going even more crazy then.

Thanks for your thoughts Bev



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