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I found out I have Atria Fib and super ventricular. It is off and on and also my heart beats around their dad. They are small as their mothe

Mother left them...Their father works so hard and the house gets neglected. I want to go help but I get anxiety because of my condition....Would it hurt me to work at it slowly and try to not get so anxious.i am concerned about them...grandma

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Hi Heavenly.

I wonder if your worry about helping is making you more anxious. If you feel you can cope then by all means give it a try, but if you are at all unsure then have a word with your doctor I am not familiar with your condition so I am unable to offer any real help. I hope you can get it sorted out soon.



My heart rate is around 80 per minutes...My heart will get a bit irregular but the doctor said to just try and relax....


If your doctor says try and relax then I feel you shouldn't be exerting yourself by doing anything strenuous like cleaning. Remember your health comes first.


I get frightened....


Hi there,

Check out the websites " headspace and

Both are very good at keeping you calm:) x


I just do not know where this anxiety comes from?


That's the thing with anxiety, it creeps up on you.

Just a suggestion, how about reading up on anxiety?

Knowledge is power and it could help you understand what's happening.



Hi Heavenly,

You look and sound a young grandma, I would help them if I could, little and often, when you feel like it, maybe it will help take your mind off the anxiety a little. Listen to your body, this anxiety is horrible.

Eunice xx


you poor thing,may i ask how old you are .My mum is 90 has your conditions has no time to feel anxious as my father needs her full time care after a quad bypass she still runs around all day because he is like a child

p.s they can afford full time nursing,but no she wants to do it

hope you can too


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