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anxious and worried

hello all i'm in need of a little help ... ive been back the doctors today to review my medication .. shes decided to keep me on 40mg of fluoxetine for another month but woke up today feeling very very anxious and worried and stressed . don't ask me what about because I just don't know I cant seem to shake it off ... I don't know wether its my medication or just me ?? can anyone help ?? thanks

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Hi mustang

Sorry to hear you feel this way today , I think a few of us for some reason are not having the best of days on here at the moment , I am sure though it will pass

I am anxious today , but I have reasons why I no I feel this way , which I think can be some of the battle won as you have something to work with

I have also had days like you , when I have felt anxious & havnt a clue why :o

This can make me feel even more nervous as i am searching for the reason

I now just try not to over think why & try & accept it , this helps to take away the fear , its not easy , but if we can just go with it , it does help

As for maybe you think could it be the meds , well I dont take any , but see how you go & if it keeps happening , have another chat with GP , i no some people can feel worse on meds before they feel better , but I have read it can settle down





thank you whywhy ur always very supportive to everyone on here ... its nice to know ppl care and im not suffering on my own and ppl do understand ... its hard explaining it to ppl who have never been thru it they don't understand wt its like and look at ya like ur an alien .... hope u feel better soon luv xxxxx


You can come on here & find people will always care because we no how this feels & I no what you mean about people looking at you as if you are from another planet ;)



I get these feelings a lot especially in the night, they wake me and instantly feel shaky, sicky and a strong sense of worry, like you I had no idea why I felt this way, at my group session they always said something will always trigger an attack but they couldn't answer my dilemma when it wakes you for no reason, I think they can read all the texts books in the world but at the end of the day unless you suffer from it they can't cure everything.


Really sorry that the lack of sleep is getting so bad and affecting you in this way - making it difficult to distinguish what's real from what isn't - that is a very scary place to be.

Tend to get horrible anxiety attacks related to changes in hormones - so not entirely convinced that there is always something triggering an anxiety attack - sometimes it is the way your brain interprets things that are going on in your body, and if that is the case then trying to find the reason is just going to make the situation worse.

In the last two weeks I was waking up early and feeling a bit panicked - which was to do with my last cat dying and just feeling the house was really empty - I now have two kittens which is nice. I tend to find that meditation helps me - or doing something that takes my mind of going round in little circles about the fact that I'm feeling anxious (eg a puzzle) - know that is a lot easier said than done and it doesn't always work.

About 12 years ago I was under a lot of stress at work - company I was working for was in financial difficulties and the way the FD was coping was by becoming a bully - managed about 8 months before I found another job - and was waking up really early - but it was quite productive. The day after I finished I slept straight through till the alarm went off.


hi mustang1234

i was the same on these tablets so you not alone. but with every thing else i was losing my hair also so just be careful, dont want to scare you but just in case it a side affect i was told by my gp and pharmaist. hope that of some help

take care


I'm so sorry you're feeling like this also! I'm not entirely sure how I can help you with wondering why you feel like that when you wake up and not being able to put it into words, as I have the same problem. People ask me what's bought it on and I just cant begin to explain. Although I will say that I have been on Fluoxetine since the beginning of February, I was on a real high at first, then I went back to normal I then went onto 40mg a day but things have seemed to get worse for me, so now I have spoken to go my doctor and he is now putting me on a different tablet as it should be working by now! Maybe try and see if you can also change as I haven't heard many good things about Fluoxetine. If you would like, when I have tried out my new tablets I could let you know if I feel any different? I hope you feel better soon though. I know, easier said than done but I know way you're going through! Take care of yourself xx


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