Shift tonight and so anxious

Well I'm book this evening to work and I'm so scared. My nerves are a mess. Nursing really stresses me out. I only work once a week now and it never seems easier. I am in tears knowing I have to work. I know I will be stressed and in pain. My employers are already frustrated and if I don't go in I will just burn my bridges. I don't know if I can continue this way. It is sucking the life out of me. I've been sleeping non stop for two days taking meds to help relax me just worrying about my job and my finances. How long can I keep this up?


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  • Are the meds for anxiety? Or just like muscle relaxers? I too have begun to feel more sleepy often since taking my meds

  • Both. I take meds for depression anxiety and fibromyalgia. I'm a nervous wreck. I want to run away somewhere to get away from my life. I hate this job and its destroying me

  • You run away from one life and you get into another. Previously you'd said about living off the grid. Why not try it for a few days?

    Otherwise you need to decide what you would like to do that you have control over.

    You can't run away from everything. Where are you running to ?

  • My brain is a fog. It makes no sense and has no rhyme or rhythm. I wish I wasn't even alive. That's how bad it feels. My husband sees me as a burden. I don't know where I would go. But the shear feeling of freedom enlightens me. To be isolated and alone, is better than feeling like a burden on someone.

  • Well I would recommend going on the Vipassana silent meditation. It is 10 days and can be found online. There are centres in most countries. Why not have a look at it? It functions on volunteers and donations.

  • I feel ur pain am the same am a plaster bye trade but my nerves are shot nursing would be even worse trying to help people but urself needs help I hope u get through ur shift ok,

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