Positive Friday!!

Positive Friday!!

Hi Everyone! :D

Hope you are all enjoying your day!

As promised here is my Positive Friday blog to comment on the 3 things that have been positive or made you feel happy this week :)

It doesn't even need to be 3 things - if you have 1 thing well then that's just as great!

So I shall start the ball rolling with the 3 things for me.

1. I finally finished my CBT course! Yaaay.

2. I'm happier that the weather has cooled down a bit here at least.

I can still enjoy the sunshine but it's not too hot!!

3. I bumped in to a old friend who I had not seen in while and it was lovely to catch up.

I can't wait to read your own comments below and of course participation is voluntary.

I shall of course be around this weekend as usual popping in and out - so here to help with anything :)

Have a great weekend everyone.


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103 Replies

  • Are there you are Jetstar, i will be with you soon. for this. lol



  • Im here Bonnie :)

  • There you are jetstar , been waiting here ...ok here I go :D

    Right ready ....first one may be a surprise ok :o

    I have only gone & got tickets to see the one & only WILL-I-AM :-)

    Yes I no , dont faint :o

    Now it gets a bit boring

    Well I let someone wear something for bed , that I hadnt ironed , now thats a big thing as I have OCD , it was late at night though , & wont happen in a hurry , but its been years since I have ever allowed that to happen

    3rd thing , I nearly did well, but as I have been waiting for this post , I slipped up before you put it on , well this tiny cyst , that is worrying me that you cant see , but can feel it , GP said dont touch & I resisted all week , till 5 minutes ago , but still thats good for me :)

    I have a baby 4th , I have my faces back & its made me happy :D

    love your positive Friday pic by the way :)




  • YAYY, well done on getting tickets for Will.I.Am, I read on your other post about how you kept the ticket lady talking until it was 9am, I love that it made me laugh.

    Your others aren't boring they are an achievement as well. that's great you lasted a week as well, I know it takes a big effort not to touch.


  • Hello Unsure

    Thank you , yes I did , I chatted away she was going no where :D

    Yes when you have health anxiety especially its even harder :o

    You are doing a brilliant job as well supporting on here :)

    Hope you have had a lovely day


  • Will-I Am!!! Omggggg Lucky you!! When have you got the tickets for? I hope you have a great time!

    Well done on the OCD step and the body checking I can relate too as my CBT was for Health Anxiety so Google was definitely not my friend!!!

    It's really easier said than done though , not looking up symptoms e.t.c

    I can't wait to hear about your concert! Thank you for your enthusiasm and for the thanks about my picture :)


  • Its the 4th December , so now I have to start & get my head around getting out & been there around crowds , but if I keep focusing on what the prize will be , should fingers crossed do it , well if I dont I will be in trouble as its cost a bit :D

    I was on google all the time ...my GP used to get so annoyed with me as I would go & tell her what I had & she would ask where I got the idea from , when I use to say google , she even told me to keep of

    Like I say to everyone since I joined the site , dont go on come on here instead & I have & it is sooo much better for you than Dr Google is

    Well done by the way , for finishing your CBT , I hope you recovery just gets better & better now :-)


    PS dont think I can top Will-i-am for next week , unless he sends me an email saying he will meet me there :D

  • Hi jetstar

    Great picture

    Well here's my positives. If you had asked me the other day I wouldn't have remembered any but I'm more positive today...

    I have now been back at work 5 weeks after being off sick for months. I have just about bumped into everyone I worked with before I was ill and got all the awkward questions out of the way

    I finally met some old work colleagues for a coffee. They have been asking to meet me for ages but I couldn't face them but I did it and it went well

    I have finished my therapy and am due to start a course in a couple of weeks which should help with stress/anxiety and if its any good I will share the info with all of you

    Love to everyone

    eve xx

  • Hi Eve:) Thank you for your positives . Its always nice to meet people and catch up and I'm glad you felt the 'awkwardness' was out of the way. Well done on your therapy !! How are you finding things now that it has finished? Love to hear about your new course your starting :)


  • Hi matt

    It feels kind of strange now I'm out of therapy and learning to live life differently without all the baggage i was carrying. I will be so nervous starting the course but I think it will help and I will definitely be sharing any useful bits with everyone. I've just been swimming with my young children.. Didn't want to go and can't say I enjoyed it but the kids did and I survived so ending today with another positive take care eve x

  • Hello Eve,

    Brilliant positives, its great you've been back at work a while now and feeling less awkward. That's also good you met with your old colleagues, it's always great to keep connecting makes you feel better.

    Good luck with your new therapy course and I look forward to hearing about it.


  • Afternoon Jetstar, well here goes my three for the week,

    I have not been going out much, only recently started walking round a block of houses and back, the rest of the time I have spent laying on the sofa, but this week I have done the 3 below.

    1 I went to a café with my daughter and had a hot chocolate in the garden area of it under a canopy, this has made me feel happy and a bit free of anxiety, even though had it when I was there, but I stayed for over an hour, then went for a drive round some local villages with my daughter.

    2 I used to go fishing before anxiety 2yrs ago and had not been since, until Thursday that being yesterday. I went at 10am until 3pm at a lovely lake nearby , and enjoyed myself even with the anxiety tension.

    3 Today I went to the garden café again , had toast and tea for breakfast, then I went to my dads who lives 5mins away, but anxiety has stopped me from going, I used to look after him so I was there a lot, and have missed him very much, I stayed at my dads for 45mins and loved seeing him and talking to him, even though anxiety was trying to stop me, this has made me very happy today.



  • Thank you for your positives Bonnie. I'm happy you had a good time with your daughter and at the Cafe and feel good you saw your dad today. Well done on fighting the anxiety this week :)

  • And do you find the fishing relaxing ? Did you get any fish :D

  • Yes it was relaxing, but I had pain and tension all over, so it hindered it a bit, yes I did catch a fish, where I went I used to go at least twice a week before anxiety, its a lovely big lake with geese and ducks, and has loads of very large carp and tench, they are what I like to catch. I am going again on Monday.



  • All your positives are truly fantastic, to the café twice, to see your dad and fishing for 5 hours is great. really well done. :-) Hopefully you can go again next week. xx

  • Yes you could use your Will-I-AM concert as something to look forward too as like a little goal and as you said it's like a little prize.

    Thank you for congratulating me on my CBT. I still kind of will slip up and not realise until the last minute that I'm googling something haha. I think it's a subconscious thing !

    When I next see Will in Asda I will tell him to send you an email! Haha.


  • Big prize :D yes I am going to do my best

    Well if you do find yourself on google , come straight of & come on here

    Anything I have ever looked at on there , & believe me thats just about everything , I can relate to every symptom :o I would be a walking miracle if I really had it all :D

    I hope you are tormenting me here , seeing Will-i-am in Asda , best tell me which one , I will move in there :D


  • Hi heres my positive just the one but its big deal for me lol!

    Have actually tackled the hallway lol, worked out what was stressing me out most, walking in the door and being confronted by piles of shoes, unopened post, bags, and other stuff,!

    Have cleared most of it and found 4 umbrellas that actually work can they be counted as 4 positives lol

    Even dusted down my dyson and scared tbe lurking spider !!

    Feel lot better for it too going t o do some more. :)

    Mimii x

  • Well done mimii

    Told you , you would have one :)

    As well as been a lovely person , i think that makes 2 myself ;)

    Keep going :)


  • Thanks whywhy,

    well done to you too :)

    Mimii xxx

  • Hi Mimii! Thank you for your positives :) 4 umbrellas!! Hopefully you won't need them haha but I think it's going to rain next week :( Well done on tackling the spider! Certainly braver than me!! I would have ran away lol.


  • hi Mimii and well done hun,

    my hallway is full of stuff, put there to block the front door i think, ill try doing what you done and see if it helps, thanks and well done again

    love cookie xxx

  • Thanks Cookie,

    Its def made me feel lot better going to try and keep it tidy so I dont feel bad every time I go out or come home lol !

    Go for it Cookie its getting started is the worst part xx

    Mimii. :)

  • That's great, well done you.

    It's always good to have a de-cluttering and move everything that's stressing you. Makes you feel lighter. :-)

    4 umbrellas, I always lose mine too and then they all turn up, normally in my boot lol.


  • Hi Jetstar

    My 3 positives are, I went for a walk round the block with my son and the dog yesterday.

    Today I've been out to the garage and the bakers walking with my son and the dog.

    On Monday I sent to school 3 cakes shaped as apples for my sons teachers, I tried not to ask for too much reassurance that the teachers liked them. As I think they were good and I've entered them into a cake competition!!

    It's really hard trying to find positives


  • Hello Winter! Good to see you and thank you for your positives. I hope your cakes win the competition. Let us know! I'm sure they taste great. I love taking the dog out , it helps clear my mind from things. I hope it helped you as well :)

  • Well done on your positives. going for a walk as always nice to get some fresh air.

    Just wanted to say again your cakes were brilliant, the teachers will be really impressed i'm sure. I did write on another comment but if you didn't see it I showed my sister and parents they said that the cakes were wicked, really good and a great idea. :-)


  • Hiya, well here we go for feel good friday.

    1. I heard my mate has her tickets and im sooooo happy for her i could burst.

    2. Treatment for my Viruses is looking good, got appointment with consultant on 6th August.

    3. My cat Storm had 3 beautiful babies bringing the total up to 27, yaaay, im a great granny.

    ive also got homes ready for the new babies which is a bonus

    hope everone is on good form xxx love Cookie xxx

  • Positive Friday Cookie ...keep up :D

    Wow there all good & thank you for mine ...have to admit i was waiting for yours in anticipation :D

    Congratulations great granny :-/


  • well thank you for your reply whywhy, i really do appreciate it. i can always rely on you to be supportive, thank you again my friend xxx

  • Its always a pleasure , as you no my friend :P


  • Hi Cookieeeeeee. Good to see you. Thank you for your positives ! :D

  • LOL

  • Hello, well done on your positives, they are great.

    Congratulations on the new additions to your family. I hope they are all well and mummy is doing good. xx

  • Here's mine

    1. A friend who is going through something similar to me told me how much I'm helping them through it.

    2. I won a couple of games of twister on Saturday. Proving I'm not as crocked as I thought lol

    3. Mum birthday cake is currently in the oven all made by me. It's looking and smelling good to :-)

    Glad everyone that's posted has found some positives this week. :-D

  • Hi Will

    1. I know who you are on about

    2. Twister at your age is just wrong lol

    3. Dont balls up the icing and have you got a back up from the shop lol

    anyways wil, its nice to see you being positive, keep up the good work mate xxx

  • O I am sure you have helped here Cookie , I feel you could be the new Administrator if you keep this up :D


  • No doubt mate, i would be supurb at putting stuff in categories, The Right ones of course

    LOL xxx

  • Haha it was drunk twister does that count? I wasn't the oldest playing it lol

    Nope no back up so lets hope it goes better that its look :(

  • im not gonna ask how old the others were lol,

    i got a back up once, then she found the box in the bin lol xxx

  • 10 :D

    He is having his self on again Cookie , ignore :D

  • No it wasnt Will , stop trying to cover up , we all no you plat twister :P

    Bet your cake wont be as good as Winters , you need to look & learn :D

  • Oh I as very drunk ha ha.

    Probably not it's only the third cake I've made though. As long as me mum likes it that's all that matters :-p

  • Sure she will love it ...Mums always do :)

    Well done !

  • lol Will you crack me up. heres what i think actually happened.

    You went to a care home, got drunk on sherry, the twister was your idea coz they didnt know what spin the bottle was. and you ended up a mess on the mat with a wet pad in your face lol. am i close or have i gone mad lol xxx

    your Lemon Cookie xxx

  • Think that sounds like it Cookie :D


  • nope you've defiantly gone mad lol :-p

  • LOL, i think so too. So whats the verdict on the cake, and yes we want pics xxx Im sure your mum will love it regardless. xxx

  • I'm sure it will look marvellous once I ice it lol. Well either that or it's food poisoning for her lol

  • haha!

  • Hi Willrich! Thank you for your positives and Happy Birthday to your mum :)

  • Thanks Jester :-)

  • How did the cake turn out? xx

  • There was a slight baking issue but I rescued it. No the prettiest thing but it tastes good. Thank you for asking how's you?

  • You have posted this twice , I no its not for me , but couldnt resist , but come on Will , you cant leave us just with a "slight baking issue " :D tell all :D

    By the way look at a word you have written , feel we have a spelling error :-/


  • Just took ages to cook and cooked unevenly. Was a mixture of me brim think and the mold I was using being cack.

    Been having trouble with my Internet and its being really jumpy think that's why it posted twice. Sorted the typo lol

  • O , i see never mind , as long as it tasted nice thats the main thing to be honest

    Yes there I was again saving you with your typing error , what you like :-/


  • I've got one! FINALLY comments on posts are default old to new :)

    Oh, and the smilies!

    Hope you all have a very lovely weekend

  • Yay Smilies! Have a good weekend as well Lora :)

  • Dear Jetstar,

    Here are my three positive things from or for this week:

    1. I am becoming more independant with regards to how I feel in councelling.

    2. I got some test results back(EEG and MRI) this week that were all normal.

    3. I played a really good tennis shot for which I got compliments.

    warmest regards,


  • Well done Marcus, great news on test results my friend and who knows, Wimbledon next year? Look out Murray xxxx

  • Dear Cookster99,

    Thank you. How cute, 3 kittens. A very well done to new mum Storm. A gentle caring stroke on her head when she has recovered from the three births.

    a lovely hug,

    Marcus xxx

  • Hi Marcus, Glad your test results were normal and that your counselling is helping!

  • They're all great Marcus,

    I'm glad your results are all fine and that helps put your mind at ease a little.

    That's great the counselling is doing you good and you're feeling better.

    Good luck in your next tennis game.


  • Dear Unsure2,

    Thank you very much.

    I think yours are great too. Well done for opening up to some of your family about how you think.

    warmest regards,


  • Well done everybody. From reading all the posts everyone's done so well, which is hopeful.

    My three are only little but here goes:

    1. Found this site - which I'm really happy about.

    2. Opened up to some of my family about how I think (which for me is hard I'm trying to be more open about it, they were shocked at some of the things I said and hopefully made them realise a little bit of what I/we go through)

    3. Managed to go to the cinema 3 times (with ear plugs for 2 of them - but it got easier each time i went the first time I was a wreck)


  • well done mate, god the cinema, i went to see last Harry Potter and had a panic attack. OH thinks its coz i got soooo over excited lol xxx more positivity to come i hope xxx

  • Thank you, it was difficult to begin with I think it's the noise, but the last time I went it was a lot easier. I think it was because I went 3 times in a week lol, will have to not leave it too long before I go again or it will be back to square 1.

    It might have been that, this may be a silly question but I keep seeing you write it what does OH mean? :-S

    Yep we have to start with our next 3 for next week now. Good luck with yours :-)


  • Unsure

    Yours are terrific

    Like I have been saying , its what as individuals we have faced , that we normally wouldnt have & you have done as good as everyone on here ...so dont say they are little :(

    Well done


  • Thank you I guess sometimes they just feel little. Think positive, now I need to get on with the next three for next week. :-) xx

  • Hi Unsure! It makes me happy you find the site useful and that can you can get the support you need. We are all a nice bunch here :D What did you see at the cinema?

  • You are all a very nice bunch.

    First I saw Pacific Rim then World War Z and Despicable Me 2 last (probably why I was so relaxed the last time I went, because its funny :-)) xx

  • Hellooo :) great idea!

    Here's mine :)...

    1. I went to my first festival, after putting it off for years for various reasons. Was really apprehensive but ended up having a really great time- something that I'm quite proud about.

    2. Finally wallpapered my new room, it's taking ages to do but it's finally on it's way there...

    3. I cycled all the way to see my good friend Clare who I haven't seen in ages, was lovely to be able to catch up. At the start of the day when we planned it I nearly bottled out, but I'm glad I made the effort.

    Hope everyone is doing good today :) xxx

  • Wow

    Well done elicia

    You have done brilliantly , put me to shame ;)


  • Haha thankyou whywhy! :) and I don't think so- Will-i-am sounds AMAAAAZING! xxx

  • You have , I couldnt have done any of those on your list :o

    Yes very excited over Mr Will-i-am :D

    I no I have to reply to you on your post & I promise I will do later :-)


  • Haha thank you :) he will be so awesome! :) its always great when you have something good coming up to focus on and be excited about. This summer has been so busy for me, and have still got a holiday waiting, so I hope after it's all finished it won't affect me too badly... always have things planned I say!

    And okay, thanks :) xxx

  • Thanks alicia

    Its been a long time since I feel I have had something to look forward to , I dont think its sunk in yet :o

    O a holiday , how lovely :-)


  • Hi Alicia! Thank you :) What festival did you go to? I want to start cycling again as I loved it before but scared I will fall off my bike. May take a bit of getting used to again lol

  • I went to Latitude festival in Suffolk, it's only a smallish one but was the perfect size for me :) had so much going on, music/comedy/poetry/caberet etc! Lots of fun :)

    Ohh you so should! When did you fall off your bike? I used to do that loads when I was younger but now I go everywhere on mine, love it when I have my iPod with me too :) x

  • That's fantastic Alicia, you've done so much and going to a festival I bet that was lots of fun, well done you. xx

  • Hi Jetstar & the rest of the Crew ;)

    Well first of all, I've been reading everyone's postives and that's cheered me up. :) Jetster I'm happy the weather has cooled down too - but it's still sunny so I can enjoy being outside. The best of both worlds.

    Regarding the weather, I have a summer duvet now and have my new cover (well it's the second time I'm using it) on (it's butterflies - so adds a real splash of colour in comparison to my old duvet covers, which weren't all that TBH), so my bed is lovely and refreshing, basically as good as new.

    On Monday I brought a new dress from Primark when I went shopping with my friend for her birthday (I'm wearing it now), it's casual but tasteful - and is lovely and summary, easily slips on and I feel so pretty when I'm wearing it (I also got it for a bargain ;) which always helps). Retail therapy never ceases to lift my spirits - on the same day I brought some casual high top trainers (which I spent on my Next gift card - and get this, they were size 6 AND A HALF so neither too big nor too small!), and a pair of skinny jeans (Also from Primark. I have hardly any good pairs of jeans so I'm happy about his too :) ), and then we had a 'Shakeaway' - which I love. Later on we went in her blow up swimming pool in her garden to cool down. My friend was happy with her birthday present too - always feels good to get it right. :)

    Well today I've been doing some sorting for the carboot sell - this is great firstly: I find it hard to get rid of clutter or old things because of I get attached to them - I suppose I just bit the bullet and did it, asking myself rational questions such as: maybe I do like it and have enjoyed using it - 'But do I need it anymore, will I ever use it again?' And if the answer was no they would go in the sell pile - I'm also sure because I loved it once that someone new will love it too, and I'm actually happy that stuff is getting a new lease of life, in a sense - the items themselves are moving on (but I hope the new person looks after them!), there is some dejection but I know it's natural and this is the right thing. Secondly, it should bring me some money - which is always nice. Thirdly, my room is looking much tidier now! (I suppose I sort of tidied as I went along, but it's amazing the difference a few things can make), and much more sophisicated and less like the crazy conflict between a kid's room and a grown up's room. This feels, more like 'Me'. Forthly, as I was going along I discovered £12.45 in change that I didn't know about. :) When I went to put it in my purse (my new purse), I found another Next card that I must have forgotton about! Anyway, no more losing track of money now because a few weeks ago, I brought a new purse that is much more suitable (and makes for far easier shopping! THAT I can tell you, I used it for the first time on Monday when I went shopping and not a single glitch of spending forever fumbling in my purse for the right change and dropping it all over the floor and getting flustered! It went smoothly from start to finish without any embaressing moments or close shaves. So THAT'S the secret: the purse-bag ratio. ;) (I recently brought a new handbag and ditto)).

    I have put some of my new stuff in my wardrobe and thrown some old packages away from one of the bathroom's to make it nicer and I just generally feel more on top of things now and in control. Like I've made a turning point, basically.

    Now what else do we have here? Well I had one of my favourite meals last night? And I'm looking forward to dinner tonight? It seems we have a nice meal ahead. I'm listening to my favourite muscian at the moment (on my iPod shuffle, at least I can rely on that) - he makes me happy. :)

    Hope this all makes sense! Glad to have taken part. 8-) xxxx

  • well done FF,

    I love fining money in random places when im skint. Lend us a fiver lol xxx

  • Hehe thanks. :D Well it's actually all in coins. ;) xx

  • You are heading in the Right direction here Fairy , keep going , us ladies are best at shopping :D

    Very positive , I am pleased you like your new bedding , I love mew bedding as well , it does make you happy , well it does me ;)


  • It does. :) Thanks Whywhy. xxxx

  • It does. :) Thanks Whywhy. xxxx

  • Hi Funkyfairy! Yes that's right it's the best of worlds and it's nice when there is a nice breeze rather than it just being hot all the time. Lot's of positives! Good luck with your car boot sale! Is it tomorrow ?

  • You've done great, well done funkyfairy,

    Retail therapy if you're in the mood is always fun and makes you feel good.

    I love doing car boot sales de-clutturing makes you feel lighter and with the extra cash more shopping :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Who's your favourite musician? xx

  • Hey thanks. :D Well I always do. And definitely, not just on the day but after as well. I'm wanting to wear my new dress when I go on holiday to see my cousins in a few days time. Thankyou, well I always do. :) I helped my Dad peel the potatoes last night for our dinner, and today he taught me how to do a spag bol (the secret family recipe ;) haha), which I'm doing next week under his supervision. There's nothing to it really, but it helps to learn few recipes, makes me feel more independent and better about myself. See I'm 19 and living with my parents still and I suppose, I just never really learnt. On the weekdays I was too tired and on the weekends, Mum is in charge of the cooking and she's a perfectionist 'stay away from my kitchen type' :P but Dad's helped me these summer evenings.

    My favourite muscian - you may have heard of him, but you may have not - he's relatively well know but, not as well known as he should be in my opinion. ;) That's partly because he's focusing more on acting recently. He's a very talented young man called Jesse McCartney. :D He co wrote Leona's Lewis's debut single Bleeding Love (he also sang his own, and his version is better xD ). But he's been performing ever since he was little, and I love both his earlier and most recent work - he does a whole range of things. And I feel he's one of the few left who deserves their place in the music industry - but that's a matter of opinion. Ok, I'm going to stop now because I could write an essay! :) I do feel a lot lighter Unsure, although I know I still have a way to go in terms of clearing out and things are still bothering me. But I can be grateful that I managed the first step. Hey, you're new here arn't you? Welcome aboard. :D How are you finding your way around?

    Jetstar because it will probably come up in your email notification, I will reply to you here too, to make it easier, and Unsure, that means I can answer your other question. Yes, the first carboot was a few days ago, on Sunday. :) Unfortunately we could only bring so much stuff so my things slipped through the net that day BUT we are going to another one in 2 weeks for half price, I will be accompanying Dad this time and it gives me the opportunity to sort through a few more things I don't want or need, so I'm glad really, for the extra time. :) AND - it was my Mum's idea - you see my profile pic of the fairy? That's all my work except for the design on the dress, compiled on paint. I've been drawing girls on there for years - anyway we have some frames going spare so Mum thought I could compose some more 'originals' and see if we can sell them there as my parents think it's something young girls might like. :) I've nearly finished drawing them and am pleased with how I'm getting on - the templ;ate is slightly different to my profile we're I've made them look younger. Once I've finished them I might post them here to show you guys. :) But I'll see if I can sell them first. Hopefully the weather will be sunny but breezy like before. Did either of you 2 get thunder, lighting and rain? I did - I'm gateful for it!

    Take care, and thanks again for this wonderful idea Jetstar - I have one more positive and that's that I'm glad the textbox is manouvereable now. ;) xx

  • Hi all. Mine are quite boring but here goes:

    1) I made a new friend when dog walking. We are going to meet up tomorrow for more doggie walking.

    2) I went to a local writers group with a friend. We both loved it and are going next week.

    3) Been looking for pair of white cut offs but they were sold out everywhere I went. Then popped in charity shop and found one pair - my size. Whoopee. Much cheaper too.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Bev xx

  • Hiya Hyper,

    Not boring at all mate, you made a new friend which is great, went somewhere you enjoyed and got a bargain to boot. all in all, well done mate.

    have a great weekend too xxx

  • Love white cut offs, they dont love me though lol, need to lose about a stone , guess I should cut out the cakes !!!

    Great positives well done :)

    Mimii x

  • They are definitely not boring, well done hypercat. it's always nice to meet new people and you'll be meeting more at your new writers group. I hope we get to see some of your work.

    Have a good weekend too


  • Hi Jetstar,

    Missed this yesterday but I'm here now.

    Better late than never ...!!!

    I've had a really difficult few weeks but here goes -

    1. A friend took me out for lunch at a local garden centre on Sunday when I was feeling at my lowest. It really helped.

    2. With the support of everyone on here I was brave enough to go and see the doctor and admit I'm not feeling great at the moment.

    3. I've bought a lovely orange flower that's beside the front door to cheer me up everytime I pass it.

    Hope you're doing ok.



  • Lizard thats brilliant, so pleased for you well done. :) Mimii xx

  • I was very worried, especially as it was an unknown male doctor but he was lovely. I have to go back early next week so he can see how I'm coping.x

  • Well done fadedlizard, they are all great positives. It's great you went to see the doctor too and they have/will help you.

    hope you're having a good day


  • Thank you for your support. The doctor was very nice and wants to monitor me closely to see if I can get myself back on an even keel.x

  • Hi Faded:) Thank you for your positives :) I am doing well and I hope your ok too.

    I am glad you found the courage to see the GP. Did your appointment help you?

  • He was very kind and wants to monitor me closely. Is hoping the adjustments I've made will help raise my mood. I have to go back early next week.x

  • Great to hear he was supportive :D

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