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Positive Friday!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope your all ok - It's Friday again and for me it has come so quickly!!

Positive Friday is a chance to share 3 positive things that happened during your week or 3 things that made you feel happy:)

You don't even need to mention 3- so if you have 1 thing well that's just as good to share :)

The three things for me this week are:

1. I expanded my knowledge on a training course and passed!

It was great fun and lovely to meet new people.

2.Met up with a few friends who I had not seen in a while.

3.Im sleeping better!

Can't wait to read everyones comments and of course it's completely voluntary.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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Hey Jetstar good to hear you passed your training course and your sleeping better :-)

Here's mine

1) Got my first counselling session today. So hopefully it will be a big step towards me getting better

2) Mum's birthday cake turned out nice wasn't exactly nice to look at, but tasted good :-)

3) Had the best night sleep I've had in a long time last night


Thank you Willrich for your positives :) I hope you feel better after your good nights sleep. It always helps :D


Morning Jetsar

OK here we go , maybe not as good as last week

1 ..managed to get through this week having my kitchen done & everyone is still alive :o

2. Grateful that my anxiety hasn't stopped me from still having my wits about me , comes in handy when dealing with people , that may think you are a push over ( would hate to loose that )

3. I am so lucky to have people that unconditionally love me & appreciate me :)



1. A big thing I know, you coped well.

2. Wish I could manage this one lol

3. Yes, where would we be without them



Thanks Thomson , yes no 2 is a good thing to have , but can leave you disappointed at times



Hi Whywhy! Thanks for your positives :)


Hi Jeststar.

Pleased to hear you did well on your course .

my positive things

1: I am also sleeping a lot better.

2: I am going out more often down town ect.

3: I am going out tonight for a couple of drinks and a game of bingo lol

Take care all:-)


Good for you Kenny :)

Enjoy your Bingo , hope you win ;)



Hi Kenny! Thank you and thanks for your positives :)



My three positives

1. I'm trying to go out more, I've been to the charity shop twice driving and I've walked the dog today further than I've been.

2. I feel calmer

3. Saving the best to last, the blind man has just gone and I have blinds!



OMG Winter :D

AT LAST !!!!

Well done you :)

I am in shock & you did save the best till last & well done you , I hope they look lovely which I am sure they will

Good for you Winter :)



Thank you, the pictures are on blogs xxx


Hi Winter :) Thank you for your positives . Glad to hear your feeling calmer :)


My 3 positives this week.

Went to the butchers and spent a bomb

Walked to find my husband after counsellor had double booked had to go back in an hour,so found hubby and actually suggested to go into Costa,s for a coffee that I could not do

Went for a 2 hour car ride yesterday

So I am not agoraphobic Wow


I like went to the butchers & spent a bomb , we no you have enough meat then for a while :D



H Erstchay! Thank you for your positives :)


My positives this week are about my daughter as it makes me very happy !

1) she got the bus to a very busy town by herself to get tickets for her favourite band :)

2) she survived a panic attack and coped all by herself while there, as I was sat in dentist chair ( again ) when she called me for help :)

3) shes eaten 3 normal meals this week, and ice cream and went out with her friends:)


This is all excellent news mimii :-) Long may it continue



Thanks thomson and great to see your positives too. :)

Mimii x


Loving all your 3 mimii :)



Thanks whywhy none of tbese would have seemed possible a few months ago xx

Mimii. :)


Hey Mimii! Thank you for your positives:)


Ok, here are mine

1. Realised my friend I rarely see now is still there for me & helped on my worst day.

2. I dealt with my neighbours' complaints.

3. My Darling Daughter (dd) made it out for her birthday meal & enjoyed it, this being the best one of all :-) :-)


thomson all 3 are good but no 3 is my favorite :)



Hi Thomson! Great positives. Thank you


Glad to see this tradition continuing - thanks Jetstar! :)

My 3 are:

1) Another beautiful summer day popped out of nowhere yesterday amongst all this rain

2) Moving to a new flat this month (although I still haven't found one!)

3) It's Friday! Looking forward to a very relaxing weekend

Hope you all have a nice weekend too


Hi Lora :) Thank you. Enjoy your weekend !


Hi All. I thought I was going to crumble on Monday... its been hard, but I still have my positives!

1) I found this place

2) I went to the doctors yesterday and finally got a counselling referral

3) I picked up the keys to my new flat today, and didn't cry on the letting agent (I really did not want to move, but I'm getting excited about the idea now :) )


Hi Tigeroo,


2. Good news

3. Well done, change can be scary but a new start is exciting. Hope all goes well :-)



Yes Tigero Welcome

And well done you :)





Dear Jetstar,

My three positives are:

1. My boss said on thursday that I was improving.

2. I am cleaning my house more.

3. I am becoming more assertive or expressing my feelings more.

Well done on passing your training course.

Have a pleasant weekend.

warmest regards,



Liking no 2 Marcus , if you need any cleaning tips you no where to come ;)

Well done hun you are making loads of progress

Special hugs




Dear Whywhy,

Thank you very much. I like your positives, they are special.

a big hug,

Marcus xxx


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