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Positive Friday is creeping up

Positive Friday is creeping up

On us and I forgot to do my Tuesday reminder!

So it is Wednesday reminder.

For everyone new and old here is what you do,

During the week you need to look for anything your pleased with yourself for e.g I managed to go out for an hour without having an anxious thought.

Or you could say anything your grateful for e.g. I'm really happy that I have a comfy chair/ settee where I can relax

Remember you can do 3 things if you want, if not 1 or 2 is fantastic to.

Please join in because I beginning to feel it does help us all to add a touch of positivity to our lives.

So start noticing your positives, make a note of them and share them with us on Friday.

Take care all xxxx

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OK Winter I am thinking , its a struggle though as I feel sinusy crap , even worse than yesterday , i will do my best though

I love the pic :D what is he doing , he looks like he has been naughty & is hiding :D

So cute :)





I cannot remember what he was doing, my son took the photo. I do hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than feeling pants xxx


Got mine! :))) xx


Go you, I think I may have an idea what one could be!! Xxx


Haha ;) xxx


I shall be thinking, love your dog, made me smile.


Thank you, he makes me smile to although he can be very disobedient when he's on one xxx


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