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My positive Friday

I'm having my own positive friday now as I have felt the best I have all week...well the best mood wise.

Had a health screen at work today, the nurse said I had some fantastic results, my blood pressure was nice and low, the ECG before and after exercise was normal, no fat in my arteries, BMI was fine, Cholesterol was below 1! Apparently that's amazing! Loads other tests but they were the moan ones I wanted.

She did scare me a little by saying that I should keep an eye on the palps as although they can be harmless, letting them keep happen can damage the heart after a while :-(

She said I need to learn to chill out and recommended I take up meditation lol.

Anyway Incase I feel like death again tomorrow I'm getting in there first lol :-)


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Hi Ashley,

Am pleased you are having a positive Friday on Thursday lol, long may it last nice to feel nice eh?

Will see you tomorrow with more postives.

gardener x

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Oh Ashley

Stop saying now you are on your way out , those are fantastic !!!!

I would love to no how the heck your cholesterol is below 1 , never have I known anyone with cholesterol that low naturally !!!

Come on I need your diet quick !

Blood pressure fine the two main things that could damage your heart yours are fine , you have to see you have a healthy heart , just likes a little jump now & again thats all :-/

Now when she said you have to watch the palps because over time , by over time , she doesnt mean next week , or next year , as you are so young she means if it had carried on to may be your 40's or 50's or even later , which it wont because well before then you will have got this anxiety under control , so dont be fretting over that comment

Also as a woman we have an advantage that we have a certain hormone that protects are hearts as well , so you have everything going for you they cant give you better guarantees than that :-)

I am so pleased you results were A* & when your anxiety tries to come knocking , remind it of today :-/





Hey Ashley, great to hear youve had a much better day, and you sound incredibly healthy :)

Hope you sleep well and have a good day tomorrow too x

Mimii xx


Hi Ashley,great news with all your tests but it is your turn to scare me! I didn't know that palpitations could have a harmful effect on the heart That is worrying. I would love to know how you manage to keep your cholesterol so low and also how they can tell there is no fat in your arteries. (I must have missed out on a test somewhere!) Best wishes Cathia


Hey Ashley, this is great as I said earlier lol why why she has a better cholestrol than me mine is 4.1 which 1.0 is the good cholestrol to prevent ur heart from disease lol I was told mine was good so well done ash keep it up. What test did she do Hun to see if there was any fat in ur arteries? As for the palps they are ectopic beats some people like u and I feel them and some don't. I was told by a cardiologist it's normal and don't worry I have also read this else where and been told young people tend to experience a run of them. Since having mine I have spoke to my manager, friend and some others and what do u know they all get them so don't worry. Was this lady a nurse? Xx


The fat in the arteries thing was a bit blah to me, from what I took from her she said there is some thing deep inside which stores fats which contributes to heart disease, I'm sure she said it began with "V" but she said I had virtually none, I get the full results of it in a week so I'll let you know what it is really.



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