Positive Friday

Hi everyone hope you are all in good form and

Looking forward to weekend. I have a fairly good week.

I got my hair cut and coloured yesterday.

Tried to eat fairly well all week.

Filled in a lot of forms and admin stuff that I had to do.

Joined a local Embroidery Class

My friend told me I was a great thoughtful friend

Tried to give a bit more to people on this site.

So all in all it was good not perfect but Ok. Ok is good for me


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  • Well done Hannah sounds like a good week.

    Getting your done always feels great x

  • Hi Hannah, sorry I nearly missed your Positive Friday. You sound like you've had a good week.

    Have a good weekend x

  • Hi

    I nearly missed this to !

    Oh I bet you feel good getting your hair done :-)

    And I know how good you are on the other site as you told me :-D

    But thank you for your support on here to :-)




  • I've booked a hair appt for Monday!!!!!!!!!! X

  • Ah that's great it does give you a lift .xx

  • Hi there

    Well done to you for being so positive and having such a lovely week,I really must book an appointment for my own hair lol,hope your weekend is just as great x

  • Thanks Jo


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