Busy Friday

Evening guys not really been about today been keeping myself busy. It's a shame that keeping myself busy hasn't really helped my utterly shocking mood of the last few days. Had a good afternoon I took my niece swimming and I enjoyed it for the most part, but I really couldn't get into it. Just been low again and since this evening my anxiety has flared up. So yeah not had a particularly great day.

Lets hope things improve for the rest of the weekend really want to be able to enjoy it if I can.

Hope everyone has had a better Friday.


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9 Replies

  • Hi Flirty Will :-/

    I havnt been on as much today either :-o

    You went though , & tried , that's good , you could have stopped in & just done nothing , but you didnt

    She is a lucky little girl having an Uncle like you

    Still early days Will , you are doing great you no ;-)

    I am sure things will get better soon

    Have a good night out with the lads




  • Thanks. Yeah I couldn't let her down I'd promised her that we'd go.

    Yeah hopefully I'll enjoy it.

    How come you've not been on much?

  • Nosey Willy now :-/

    Had to yes you guessed maybe, clean, iron, a few things to sort out & people wanting to talk to me, its been all go :-D


  • I'd say inquisitive lol

    Well at least you've been busy :-D

    Thought I'd be knackered after my swim and I am sort of just can't sleep. Busy head. How come your up so late?

  • OK then I couldn't spell inquisitive :-D can now though :-/

    Well I thought I would watch TV & Its weekend , so thought why not , live the high life & stop up !!!


  • Ah right you watching anything fun?

    I'm watching a film in bed feeling sorry for myself lol.

  • Just same as last week , bet you cant remember

    what that was :-/

    Stop it Willie , don't feel sorry for yourself :'(

    Its going to get better , it will :-/


  • Soaps if I remember? I was gonna check over my old blogs, but that seemed liked hard work lol.

    I'm trying not to not being very successful at the mo.

    I'm watching Iron man

  • You got is right ;-)

    I am not into those kind of films you like

    I am going to bed now


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