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Busy Friday

Evening guys not really been about today been keeping myself busy. It's a shame that keeping myself busy hasn't really helped my utterly shocking mood of the last few days. Had a good afternoon I took my niece swimming and I enjoyed it for the most part, but I really couldn't get into it. Just been low again and since this evening my anxiety has flared up. So yeah not had a particularly great day.

Lets hope things improve for the rest of the weekend really want to be able to enjoy it if I can.

Hope everyone has had a better Friday.

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Hi Flirty Will :-/

I havnt been on as much today either :-o

You went though , & tried , that's good , you could have stopped in & just done nothing , but you didnt

She is a lucky little girl having an Uncle like you

Still early days Will , you are doing great you no ;-)

I am sure things will get better soon

Have a good night out with the lads





Thanks. Yeah I couldn't let her down I'd promised her that we'd go.

Yeah hopefully I'll enjoy it.

How come you've not been on much?


Nosey Willy now :-/

Had to yes you guessed maybe, clean, iron, a few things to sort out & people wanting to talk to me, its been all go :-D



I'd say inquisitive lol

Well at least you've been busy :-D

Thought I'd be knackered after my swim and I am sort of just can't sleep. Busy head. How come your up so late?


OK then I couldn't spell inquisitive :-D can now though :-/

Well I thought I would watch TV & Its weekend , so thought why not , live the high life & stop up !!!



Ah right you watching anything fun?

I'm watching a film in bed feeling sorry for myself lol.


Just same as last week , bet you cant remember

what that was :-/

Stop it Willie , don't feel sorry for yourself :'(

Its going to get better , it will :-/



Soaps if I remember? I was gonna check over my old blogs, but that seemed liked hard work lol.

I'm trying not to not being very successful at the mo.

I'm watching Iron man


You got is right ;-)

I am not into those kind of films you like

I am going to bed now



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