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Positive Friday!!

Positive Friday!!

Hi Everyone! :D

Hope you have all had a good week.

Here is the Positive Friday blog for this week to comment on the 3 things that have been positive or made you feel happy.

It doesn't even need to be 3 things - if you have 1 thing then that's just as great!

So I shall start the ball rolling with the 3 things for me.

1. No problems sleeping as yet! :D

2. Had a good chat with a friend who was experiencing some problems and they felt happier afterwards.

3. I got around to clearing out old clothes I never wear anymore. So I donated them to a local charity.

It felt really great giving them away to a worthy cause.

I can't wait to read your own comments below and of course participation is voluntary.

I shall of course be around this weekend as usual popping in and out - so here to help with anything :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


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Hi Jetstar

It's been a strange week! So here are 3 positives that I've plucked out!

1. I went out with my 9 yr old and we stayed out for 2hrs

2. I've eaten some normal food this week

3. I managed to sit in dr's waiting room for 10mins.



Hi Winter. Good to see you. Thank you for your positives :)


Hi jetstar :-) nice to meet you!

Weird one for me this week too!

3 main positives for me are :-

1-Starting my meds after a week or so of being too frightened to take them.

2-Going to the beach with family and paddling in sea.

3-Going for a little jog to keep me busy.

Well done to you & winter xx


Hi LooLoo! Lovely to meet you as well and thank you for your positives :)


My three......

1. three times in the gym this week. Feeling exhausted but good after each session as I really push myself.

2. looking forward to meeting friends tomorrow evening.

ummmmmmmm........ I can't think of any more - oh dear! :-)


Hi Bramwell! Thank you for your positives. Enjoy your meeting with your friends tomorrow :)


1. Have seen at least 2 if not 3 clouded yellows and lots of blues (chalkhill, small, common and holly and brown argus)

2. Have a car again - last one was collectors item (F reg Ford Fiesta) - let it go at Christmas after breaking my ankle - have been driving my mothers automatic occasionally over the last 4 months or so - and finding that I forget about the clutch if I've been on a bit of a run - but then I've only driven it twice so far!

3. Kittens seem to have settled in nicely - lovely to have the pitterpatter of tiny feet around the house again ... and I know they can use the catflap to get in and out now.


Hi Gambit , you do love your butterflies :)

New car sounds good as well , though the broken ankle sound painful :(

And cute kittens

Your positives sound great :)



1. After a total meltdown on Monday and going to see my gp that day and sobbing uncontrallable, I have now a referral for help on 20th August, I was initially referred last Sept....

2.Just feel happy that Im not in the grips of panic every minute of the day.

3. Bought my manicure and pedicure things today so that when I feel better I can start doing clients again that have asked me.... loved that job!!

HOpe everyone is ok and as happy as we can be

Ker xx


Oomph Anne, how exciting you buying manicure and pedicure stuff. I got 3/4 through my course and had to pull out due to my anxiety I loved doing that. I still have my stuff. I'm very jealous of you xxx


Ah that's such a shame luv, this job has always pulled me out of shit in my life, I just love is so much...... I have lovely clients too!! I wouldn't give up if I was you or lose hope, it may be something you can pursue in the future.... never lose hope!! Im still making hats and fascinators too for everyone that knows that I do that!! Maybe you could just practise on your mates so theres no pressure?? love Ker xx


Hi Anne. I am sorry to hear it's been a difficult week for you .I hope you find your referral helpful. Thank you for your contribution :)


thank you ;-) xx


1) Your positive friday pics always make me smile!

2) You reminded me i need to find a place to donate my clothes this weekend! i've got a huge box of stuff i've been collecting.

3) Moving into a nice new flat next week :)

Happy Friday everyone!

(P.S. Where do you all donate? I feel like every time I go to one of the boxes on the street it's full. Maybe that's not the best option...)


I always take my stuff to cancer research and I can gift aid xxx


Hey Lora! Happy Friday :D Congrats on the flat! How exciting :) I hope the move goes smoothly for you.

I just donated mine to my local Mind store. They didn't fit me anymore :( Hope you have a great weekend :D


Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend too!


Do you not have a " cash for clothes"

We have them everywhere,fill bags with clothes and they give you cash,I think the clothes go to other country,s?


Dear Jetstar,

You have 3 nice positives.

My 3 posities are:

1. After a few weeks of working behind the bar supervised, my manager said last night that I can now work behind the bar by myself.

2. I have managed to organise my mail a little bit more this week.

3. I have slept reasonably this week.

Have a lovely weekend.

warmest regards,



Hi Marcus! Thank you and thanks for your positives . Good to hear that things are going well in your job and that your sleeping has been reasonable. :)


Hi jetstar my 3 positives......1 even thou I've not had a good wk I've still gone out and ignored it the best I cud 2 been a good girl and been taking my medication everyday night except once 3 got a new kitty yesterday xx


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