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Latest Update on the HU Upgrade

Hi Everyone,

Here's some news and a list of the current priorities the HealthUnlocked developers have regarding the recent upgrade :

Internet Explorer (8 & 9) should now be working. Please feedback any problems via the HU support page.

Email notifications are being tested and restarted. HU will roll them out from the beginning of next week.

Changes and fixes currently in progress :

- Admins will be able to edit comments

- The jump in member numbers (due to people who joined but never actually completed their membership) will be corrected

- Admins will be able to adjust their email preferences

- Comments will now be ordered from old to new (like before)

Other short term priorities :

- Advanced moderation capabilities for admins

- Users will be able to search within the community (as well as across the platform)

- Tags will be amended to work in the best way possible

- The activity feeds and profile newsfeeds will be improved

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Thanks for this Sandra.

I'm also wondering if emotions will be able to work in the 'all about me' area of the profile, and will we be able to keep our other communities private like before? Obviously not for you to answer, but hope someone from admin sees and can answer. Great about Internet explorer (I hope mine is either 8 or 9 because my windows isn't compatible with the most modern one).

I'm also wondering about the size of the text box, for example when creating posts or comments, a larger size is better, surely?

Anyway, thankyou, I really appreciate this, you're so helpful. :D xxxx


you can make the text box bigger by going to the bottom right corner and stretching it out.

sandra :)


Great Sandra yes that does work , even I followed those instructions lol

Just my faces now :D

Thank you



leave 2 or 3 spaces either side of each one :D even at the end of the line. :)

to see how each is made, hover the mouse over it :P :O






2 out of 3 sandra , I am getting there I think



capital P


Just done a post & none of them have turned out




My post hasnt come on either

What a day , I am not writing it all again :D


Oooooh you can can you? :D Clearly, there are lots of nifty new new features that I don't know about yet and ...oh Sandra? You reply came through as an email notification! :D (Dances for joy).


It works! :D I'm on Internet explorer! Yay. :) xx


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