Such exciting news!

I am a lover of all things zombie. I am hooked on The Walking Dead and saw ages ago a chase zombie game called 2.8 Hours Later and it's all over the UK. I signed up to volunteer as a zombie. After weeks of not knowing what's going on, I got a email yesterday.

I am off to zombie school on March 15th!!!!! I have a day of zombie training and then one the day I get full zombie make up and chase people around Cardiff. I am so excited and can't wait to become a kick ass zombie.

It will get me fit so that's good but I need to run faster lol.


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10 Replies

  • You've made me smile Cardiff. I've got a mental image of Zombies running about town!

    I am sure you will really enjoy yourself and it will be great fun. I cannot wait to see some photos of you dressed up.

    Take care xx

  • Hi

    You are having a really good week

    First with Gramps & now this :-)

    I am so pleased for you :-)

    Looking forward to hearing all about how Zombie school goes well done :-)




  • I am so excited and already got my zombie idea down to a tee. I know it's going to be brilliant. I plan to get as many photos as me as a zombie lol

  • Whywhy many,many congratulations in being singled out in the comments on European Administer finalists. I am so proud of you, as are all our community. I got mixed up (you know me) when reading about CardiffGirls80 tale of the zombie's in Cardiff where I live. I imagined looking out the garden and seeing you dressed as a zombie I did,en't know

    whether to be frightened, or excited, until, realized it would,en;t be you coming to our fair city, so I cancelled the tickets to see will I am in concert, booked a meal in a great restaurant, flowers (daffodils of course) are but to dream. All my love and thanks for all your hard work.

    Jamie xxxxx

  • Hi

    Thank you very much Jamie :-)


  • Jamie I heard some stories of people who take part as zombies jumping out at people scaring them. I would get a feeling if I did that, someone would hit me lol. I will only scare those I am chasing lol.That's a zombie Becky promise! Also Whywhy well done on your news :)

  • Thank you CardiffGirl :-)


  • Cardiff Girl, Hi how are you? Iv'e wanted to speak to you for a while. coming from the city my dad and gran were born. Now back to zombie's, send me a text if you are going to jump out on me, so I can be ready to defend myself, be careful, I may cry rape (I should be so lucky) anyway my best wishes to you and I look forward to seeing your future posts, If I don't hear from you I'll meet you by Ashton's fish counter, in the market . Great news about whywhy she really deserves it!!!!

    Look after yourself


  • Hi cardiffgirl

    your post made me smile, sounds like fun

    Jules x

  • Hi Cardiffgirl, well done! Enjoy zombie school (never thought I'd hear myself say that:) How exciting:) my eldest son would love this he's obsessed with zombies (I have to admit I'm not a fan, too scary........honestly:)

    he keeps trying to convince me to let him watch the walking dead.....I am standing firm lol...he's not even 13!

    Can't wait to see the photos:)

    Take care

    Eva x

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