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Jumpiness From GAD

Hi All,

I hope this email finds you in peace and tranquility !.

I have had GAD for three years now and have started to become hypervigilant to movement, light and sound. Any form of reflective surface puts me on edge and I feel a constant rush of adrenaline.

Does anyone else suffer from this and how do you cope with it ?

I am just about keeping things together at the moment but it's certainly grating a bit !

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Hi stvnpntr, at one time I had all 3. Nowadays, movement from a car next to me can make me feet anxious. The sound of a doorbell or phone ringing on tv makes my stomach drop as

for light, a good pair of sunglasses helps and in the house, blinds are closed. So I guess I'm back to the 3 that bother you. I do ignore it now so that it is short lived, a matter of seconds.

Very sensitive nervous system to blame.

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Thanks !

I thought that I was Psychotic but supposedly that's an oxymoron !

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Hi, I have suffered with GAD for 20 years and I'm 37 years old so most of my life really. It's so difficult every day I get either new or the same sensations and think I'm going mad or that I have some kind of serious Illness that the doctors have missed. I am really sensitive to light and sound, I get irritated by crisp packets, people eating apples, white rooms with strip lighting drives me nuts and I get a fuzz on my field of vision. I am also really sensitive to temperature change, I can get very cold one minute then very hot the next which starts palpitations. I suffer really bad with adrenalin rushes, some days worse than others. I don't sleep properly, wake up at stupid times through the night. One day I am full of energy, on edge but most days I am very fatigued due to my constant anxiety, worrying about everything. I also get very lightheaded and this seems to be getting worse as I get older, the headaches are too. Xx


I feel your pain ! I am currently in the process of convincing myself that I have either bi-polar or schizophrenia. I get pretty badly affected by multiple stimuli in any environment i.e. supermarkets,train stations..

My adrenaline rushes are also causing me some considerable trouble !

I have started taking lorazepam but have an ongoing fear of addiction !

Best of luck with the daily fight :)


I have had the same worries about bipolar and other conditions too. Do you not thinks it's just we are over anxious and worry too much constantly that's why our body in in constant flight or fight mode. I have even thought I had Addison's disease. I am the same in supermarkets as you, it's awful. I teach children with autism and I can totally relate to how they feel at times because of my anxiety. I hope we manage to find some peace. Love to you all


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