Finally some good news :)

I got an email back from my local mind charity. I have my name put down for their next anxiety management and confidence building course. :D I;m out of the area so it's not definite but she said they normally have spare places so can offer it outside the area to those who need it. It's not til september but its a start and it will help :D


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8 Replies

  • Excellent news. Something to hold in your mind when you are feeling low and anxious next time. That thought will give you hope and boost your confidence a bit. It just shows that you can never tell what's round the next corner - and it could be something unexpectedly good, like this. Happy for you. x

  • Thank you hun, I was so happy when I saw the email. :) x

  • I'm not surprised! Woohoo! You deserve it, hun:) x

  • Thanks :D x

  • That's excellent news. Even if it's a couple of months away, it's a beacon of light on the horizon which wuill keep you going. I really hope it works out for you. x

  • Thanks, I really hope it works too :) x

  • great news chloefer : )

  • Thank you :)

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