Any ideas for the new "categories" section?

Hi all,

Hope you're well and not drowning in this humidity!

We are looking to set up the new categories area and hoping to get some feedback on what categories might be useful to you.

Please provide feedback below and we'll collect it and decide :)


Side note - the ordering of comments will be fixed asap, defaulting from old>new like before. BUT you do have the choice, using those 2 arrows to the top right of comments, to sort it new>old as well. :)




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29 Replies

  • Trends might be good x

  • Housework Anonymous, tips on how to cope with housework when you are anxious and stressed out lol.

    or a Pets corner where people can chat about their pets past and current.

    xxx Cookie xxx

  • I think Humor Laura

    I no in the past some of us not all , but have found humor has got us through this or helps

    However depending on what you are going through or what stage you are at , not all can find this funny which I really appreciate

    But if we had something that said this will be humor then people hopefully wouldnt get offended hopefully

  • great idea why and a poetry corner too xxx

  • You can do you poetry in the humor one if we get one ok

    Stop asking for to much here Cookie lol


  • cookies cafe,

    come on in and take a pew, we'll have a chat and have a brew lol

    ive always been demanding whywhy lol xxx

  • Yes Cookie I think we no you have lol

    Why were we up at 5.28 ?

    See you this afternoon you wlll be sleeping now lol


  • How about a chat site

  • thats a good idea ! yeh

  • Although troubled with anxiety myself I came here mainly to look for ways to help my teenage daughter. For me, a category for those living with/caring for someone with anxiety would be helpful, it can be difficult. Perhaps even something for teens themselves. Just my own thoughts, late at night, after a glass of wine.......

  • A general off-topic chat. perhaps where people can just chat about anything, what they watched on tv last night, their interests, tell jokes, swap recipes .....

  • Sounds like most of you would rather have off topic conversation than talk about anxiety! ;)

    Thanks though, that helps, especially thomson1898 saying some people aren't here for themselves but someone else

  • I entirely agree with Kaz.Somewhere to tell jokes have a laugh and just general help and chat is much better (I feel) Than trying to organise people into school like groups.General chat is a good way to ease anxiety and we are all here to help anybody who has a specific problem.

  • I dont think thats what we are exactly saying

    I talk a lot about anxiety on here & it can get very deep & that is the main reason I come on here & joined as I suffer

    But sometimes it can help to have some light relief as laughter etc can for some be a great tonic

    But so no one gets offended thinking anxiety is not been taken seriously , there could be some where that when we feel that way we could post & just get some relief from this without offending , anyone that is struggling

  • One has become 'anxious' about replying/submitting a reply, whereas the procedure was simpler and less regimented.

  • Lora - no, we want to talk about other things as well as anxiety!!! We are a varied collection of people, with different lives, relationships, problems, challenges and hopes, who also just happen to suffer from anxiety. I don't introduce myself to new people saying "Hi, I'm Rose, I suffer from anxiety." !!!!

    I personally find humour a hugely helpful weapon in the battle against anxiety, to the extent that I say till people are probably bored with it that, without my sense of humour, I quite probably wouldn't still be here! I laugh AT myself, and WITH - not AT - other people - and, from previous experience on this board and elsewhere, believe others find the same. And - have you never experienced those awkward social moments, when a chance remark threatens to turn a situation nasty, until someone throws a joke or humorous remark into the mix and breaks the tension? I have!

    I understand that some people, when they are very stressed or down, do not find it helpful, which, I think, is why Whywhy was suggesting a separate section for humour, which I think is a brilliant idea.

    Laughter is good for you - and that's a fact!


    Rose :-D

  • Excellent well said Rose

  • Thanks, Oldmaid! xxx

  • HereHere Rose, I concur, Laughter is a good tonic. I have looked through lots of sites for My Viruses and have found that the joke rooms are very popular. If you dont feel in the mood then you dont go into it. Simples xxx

  • Thanks, Cookie! xxxxxxx

  • I prefer it the way it was before.Just lets talk about anything after all we are Grown Up now and really do not need organising

  • Maybe you could have a free and easy area where we could talk about anything,and still have our posts and questions to address anxiety,then if you don't like humour you don't have to go there

  • Yes Kenny I do agree.

    That was how it used to be before the old admins started acting like schoolmasters.As you say if you don't want to read something you don'thave to.I don't want to be catagorized at my age.There will always be humerous people,serious people and the in betweenies just as there are in "real life"

  • fun/humour has my vote


  • I am on another site here and we do have a 'funny' section which is very popular. The only problem we have is that a few of the jokes have been accused of being sexist or racist. So I think if we have that kind of section it should be made clear that these kind of jokes shouldn't be posted. You know the kind of jokes laughing at women or ethnic people Ie mother in law jokes, or fat/ugly women jokes. There is lots of humour around without those!

    Bev x

  • I just thought of one but not sure how you would go about it.

    How about a section about how to get through a panic attack happening at that very moment of reading?

    Lots of people probably come here at that crucial point of an attack for some guidance to see them through, and you could have tips for breathing, the best ways to sit/stand/lay (personally i find the crash postition is good at times like that), Different things to think about, ways to put it into persective and see logic. and most importantly reassurance that the person is totally safe and will not die from it.

    Then at the end you could have some helplines, website addresses or recommend products (calms or whatever) that people might find useful.

  • That's a good suggestion, but would be more appropriate for "pinned" posts. If you have advice around it, feel free to send me the text or make your own post about it and I'll be more than happy to "pin" it!

  • You can give chat box on site itself like this site has

  • Books to read

    Write in your daily journal notebook to off load problems we are facing do this before bed time helps us to have a good nights sleep and especially if there is no one to talk to.

    Read the Book "The Road Less Travelled" by M. Scott Peck

    (ISBN: 8601404277887) from Amazon's Book Store.

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