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News about the future of the community (changing 9th July)

I’m here to communicate a plan for the future of people who use this community. Anxiety UK are unable to continue to support this service for reasons discussed in previous posts.

Up to this point they have supported and moderated tens of thousands of posts/comments/questions etc generated from all of you. This community has been one of the most active groups across the whole HU network implying the most administrative resource too. AUK have have done their best to resource both the service and the responsibility for such a busy community.

Unfortunately it’s now not possible. But because of both the public and private messages we have received at HU, and the high activity within the community, we have decided to try to sustain a place for those of you who wish to continue sharing in HU.

The new community will be transferred over tomorrow (Tues 9th July).


- will not require you to do anything to join. You'll be there already.

- will have a new directory address and name - (

- will be administrated by HU staff and member volunteers (for the time being at least)

- will rely on the goodwill and understanding of the members of the community here to ‘live and let live’ with any difference of opinions between members. If we can't maintain this then the service will have to close.

This is the first group of its kind in HealthUnlocked so please bear this in mind. The questions, comments, and blog posts that you have all created will remain in the system attached to your profiles. The changeover will happen in this, the same week in which we are relaunching the whole website. It should go live tomorrow (tuesday) but there’s a chance (depending on technicalities) that it will have to be later in the week.

Either way we hope you will make the best of the community. And on your behalf we thank AUK and its staff for the support they have provided to generate the community in the first place.

HU members looking for expertise and specialist support around anxiety should join Anxiety UK here

All the best,


Co-founder + Chief Medical Officer


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Sad day,but thank you for support and advice we have been given,hope nothing changes too much,a lot of us don't like change.


This is one of the best forums out there and like many others joined here we are grateful for the fact you arent just shutting it down and you are making the effort to keep it up and running ;-)) Thank you.


Thank you for keeping things running for us.



Thanks for the up-date, Matt

Thank God the site is not going to close!

This was a fantastic community when I joined, almost a year ago now, and I FIRMLY believe it can be again - friendly, caring, and supportive. The recent problems have been unfortunate, but I do not believe they are endemic, and I do think we can put the past behind us and go back to supporting each other as before.

Thank you for your efforts to keep the site open - it is invaluable for those of us with nowhere else - and I really mean NOWHERE in many cases - to turn.




Thank you for listening to the members of this community, and a good outcome from the unsavoury mess of the last 2-3 weeks. Hopefully we can win back some of the previous contributors who made the original site as good as it was!!

Here's to a healthy future for the new forum!!



I love this forum and come in most days. I am so glad it is remaining in some form. Thank you for all for the work you have done and continue to do.

Bev x


Relieved to hear that the forum will continue, the support and information on here is a life line for so many people


Good news, lets make this site even stronger!



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