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Hi guys just to say i havent been on for some time so some may not even know me but to those who do just blogging to say hi to all my friends i know i havent been on for some time guys but not because my anxiety has gone far from it some days its so bad and am so on edge still i just have a really good cry i am still asking myself question after question the whys the what ifs the feelings of dread the feeling my life is over the worry you name it its all still here but i have been trying to keep myself so busy with my children and friends to keep myself going but i havent forgot all my lovely friends who where here over the last six months and supported me through hell i miss you all and you are all still with me everyday and think of you all tonight its a rough one again but hey i know we arnt alone and we all have these rough times with anxiety so just to say i will try and get my arse into gear guys and keep blogging to you hope why ok donaf lizard and trip missed you all xxxxxxxxx

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Welcome back x


Hi Sheffield

Great to hear from you , I have been thinking about you

I was thinking is she well & getting on with things , but getting to no you I thought she will be back if & when , even though I had missed you

Come back in & join in , you no everyone is welcome here ;-)

Big Hugs





Welcome back. Sorry to hear about your anxiety, it's a pig of a thing, eh. been rough week for me too so hopefully next week will be better for everyone. Stay strong. xx

P.S. nice to see you still on here whywhy2.





Hi sheffield, nice to c u back :-) sorry to here ur anxiety still playing u up. Been thinking about how u was doing. Lovely to hear from u xxx


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