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I shall start us off.

Hello I'm Matt! .I have 2 dogs. One is a Chihuahua and the other is a white Alsatian :D. I love animals. I am a big advocate for Mental Health , which is why I love helping on Anxiety Support.

I have a keen interest in agoraphobia and panic disorder.

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  • Hi jetstar

    Nice to meet you, my name is whywhy on here

    Thank you for your Welcome

    As for whats interesting about me , I dont have an answer to that , not alot really :-D

    I do like Will-i-am & am set on meeting him one day (if you bump in to him let him no )

    I have been told I am unique from time to time , other wise I am just me

    What about you , whats interesting about you lol




  • Thanks Whywhy! Ooooo Will-I-am! I found his song 'Bang Bang' when I went to watch 'The Great Gatsby. I omitted my original post and added details about me - as I forgot to include it!

    I need more coffee haha.

  • I shall have to search round then & see what you had to say about yourself :-D

    So take it you dont bump into Will-i-am then ?

    Remember me if you do though wont you lol


  • I shall mention Whywhy when I next see him ! haha

  • Please do , I will be for ever grateful :-D


  • Hi why why its nice to find a caring group that understands how you are feeling ! I suffer from health anxiety and depression as well as other health problems i had a brain anuyrsum last year which has affected me quite a bit ! I worry about my health 24/7 i have a lot of stomach aches ie inflammation i take ameprozole for it and gaviscon it doent always work so i get worried that theres something else wrong my wife and gp have been great but i still worry ! Thanks for having me on here take care (david)

  • Hi. My name is missd. I am 50 years old but feel about 10! I hv anxiety, depression and can hv bouts of agrophobia and panic. I hv worked hard the last 6 months to get myself back on track and am making good progress.

    About me: I hv climbed mount Etna in full bike leathers. I hv travelled all over Europe with my smashing husband on his Ducati. Never been robbed and hv meet some interesting kind people. I like books and bee's. My staffy is called daisy and she makes me laugh every day. I hv driven a 16 tonne armoured personnel carrier. I hv an adventurous spirit and think you should do as you would be done by. :)

  • I totally agree missd , you should do as you would be done by

    Gosh you have energy , do you bottle it & sell it lol

    Dont forget what a wonderful person you are as well !


  • Hi jetstar I'm Donna. I'm a big animal lover to I've to collies (ones a cross) and six cats lol 2 of them r only 5 mths and I've put butter on there paws today lol as I've all Windows and doors open so u mite c a post later where I'm crying incase they don't find there way home. I'm known as dizzyDonna as I'm dippy lol xxx

  • I am dippy to , Donna , wonder if its part of anxiety lol

    You have forgot to say what a loving , caring person you are to , so I will just add that on for you :-D


  • Hi I am Double a anxiet is mines too

  • Hi Donna! Nice to meet you :)

  • i have a collie mix :) her name is Lotta she is a Faroese Collie :) i live in Faroe Islands its so beautiful here :D my husband is Faroese. I also have a chihuahua named Cleopatra but she lives with my family in the U.S.

  • Hi, my name on here is Winter, because I was born in December. 09 is my date of birth.

    I have a husband! And 2 gorgeous children who are my world ( made myself cry), I also have a cat called patch who is constantly shedding fur! And a dog called Bob. My mum died last year and my world collapsed.

    I have always been anxious in one form or another since I was about 13/14. It really started when my grandma was poorly and died and I had tonsillitis.

    I don't really have anything positive to say about myself.

  • Winter , I was born in December to !

    I like when you put I have a husband , made me smile :-)

    I lost my Mum 10 years ago , she was 63 & not expected , cane as a massive shock , my world has never been the same either , but you do learn to live with it & they stay in your heart for ever ,you never loose that

    Well as you cant see a positive , I can , I think you are a wonderful wife , Mum , caring , loving person & we are lucky to have you with us on this site


  • Whywhy my mum was 64, we all knew she was going to die its still such a huge shock. My nana also died last year ( my mums mum) she was 94.


  • Was same here , my Mums , Mum was 91 , yet my Mum 63

    Which ever way this goes , its never easy , & can be hard to accept

    I do believe though they watch over us & never leave us , they will be willing you on to get better (well thats what I like to think )


  • Hi Winter. Thank you for your introduction:)

  • I have only been on the group for ten minutes and I am reading your post. I am almost in tears already. Of course you must have something positive to say Winter. For one thing.. You have a beautiful name. For another you have a husband and two children who you love. I am so very sorry to hear about you losing your mum. Yes, I do know how it feels because at my age I have lost most people I love and a still have a few I have not lost. Thank goodness. I am no stronger or braver than you or anyone. It still hurts to lose people. I lost my son and that almost killed me too. ( I do not exaggerate here) I tell you this just so that you know that I can understand. Now finally Winter,,,You may not have anything positive to say about you but I have. You are loving and caring and sensitive. That is without knowing you. If you wonder how I know this. Please just re read your post. It is lovely to speak to you on here.

  • I've always been dippy but at least I'm not the only one lol my Facebook name Is Donna dizzy I just laugh about it xxx u r a very caring person to whywhy xxx

  • Its not bad been dizzy donna , I even make my self laugh with some of the things I do

    One day I was in a car going to a meeting , some one was giving me a lift

    Anyway we got to some traffic lights & the car infront i thought were some other people that I knew that were going

    So I said " o let me get out there are my friends in front there , you can turn back & I will go with them

    So I jumped in the back of the car infront , they turned round & looked at me in shock & it wasnt who I thought it was

    I just went whoops , sorry & ran back out

    Luckily the lights hadnt changed & my friend was still there

    So i think that was pretty dizzy hey lol

    I had to laugh at myself though , Think that was on of my dizzy moments , I just thank god the lights didnt change before I got out , or I dont no where I could have ended up haha !


  • Pmsl whywhy that as made me laff we r definitely on the dippy scale xxx

  • My dippy scale.

  • 2 more for you Donna , & I think this will qualify me for the dizzy club

    I went to town one day & you no those Ballerina shoes that we wear , well I had a pair that were black & a pair that were dark maroon , any way I was in a rush & grabbed what I thought were a pair & I thought I had a limp going to down , but as I was in a shop I looked down & i had put a black one on & a maroon one on , I was there in odd shoes !!!! had to head to primark quick & buy a cheap pait that matched lol

    Then you no the sponge rollers you put in your hair well I went to the bus stop one day & hadnt realized I had left them all in the back of my hair & had to grab them out quick

    O & then there was the time I went to the hospital & I thought the taxi driver was very friendly , walked half way round the hospital & all of a sudden a woman grabbed me & said love , I looked I had my skirt tucked in my knickers at the back , like on that advert , (least my smalls were white with the OCD )

    So there , just a few , but I think I might qualify to join your club lol


  • It was funny , just hope the car infront got over the shock , I mean me jumping in the back , talking away as if I knew them , poor people lol

    If I remember right I did say sorry as I flew back out :-D


  • Hi Matt

    I am 53 and have three grown up children, eldest a girl 35 next a son 32 and my youngest daughter 30, I also have two grandsons Josh and Alfie , Josh is 9 and Alfie is 2 and a half. They are brothers and are my sons children, my daughters don't seem interested in starting a family yet, they are still enjoying themselves , in fact both daughters are with me at home!!!. However the younger one did leave for 3yrs , but had boyfriend problems so came home. I had a very good well paid job until I went with anxiety 2yrs ago, this seemed to start from having vertigo, before this I worked full time shift work and looked after my dad and his house for 6 years of which was when my mum died. Anyway I have two Staffs, one girl called tilly and a boy called jenson, They are both great and like babies.



  • Hi Bonnie :) Thank you for your introduction. It's lovely to meet you :)

  • Can we hv a picture of yr staffy please. I'm mad about them. Mines called daisy and she's a darling.

  • Hi Matt,

    Very nice to meet you.

    My name is Marcus and i am 47 years old and from Holland, however am living in London. I am a Physiotherapist.

    My parents live in Holland.

    I have a brother who lives in Singapore with his wife and son, and a sister who lives in Holland with her husband and three children.

    I like playing football and support West Ham.

    warmest regards,


  • Well Marcus , well done

    Its been a good six months & I am sure this is the most you have opened up , which is great as I have got to no more about you

    Not to sure about supporting West Ham though (laughing face ) they have took my faces of me

    I am so pleased though to see you joining in , we need all the old & new members chatting on here again

    Special hugs



  • Thank you Marcus for your introduction and it's lovely to meet you too :)

  • Hi. What position do you play and why the hammers? I'm a Chelsea girl myself :)

  • Hi Missd,

    I used to play on the right wing however these days i tend to play in defence or sometimes in the midfield.

    I support the hammers because I used to live in Plastow, in East London not far from the Hammers ground.

    I was wondering why you support Chelsea?

    warmest regards,


  • Hi I'm plungy. I am 41, wife and a bereaved parent. I am a health care professional, but am here in a personal capacity. I have been married to a wonderful man for nearly 23 years now and he is my soul-mate. I don't have any pets, but I enjoy crafting (scrapbooking, making stuff), taking photos and I have 4 doll's houses all in various states of construction and decoration.

  • You have a white Alsatian (German Shepherd) Jestar?! :O SO JEALOUS! I have a black and tan German Shepherd, did go out looking for a white coated, but came back with a regular oaf hehehh;)

  • Hi everyone, my name is MuffinChops! I am 18-years-old, from Lincolnshire, Lincoln, UK. I'm a very random person, I love being random and weirding everyone out with my craziness, it seems to comfort others. I do like to whack out the odd joke, so please don't be offended or confused, it's just me, myself and I.

    My hobbies are horse riding (I'm a huge horse lover, despite being terrified of them!), drawing, painting, singing, dancing, playing Xbox, dog training, and being a general nerd researching things about animals, particularly horses, dogs and guinea pigs. I own 5 guinea pigs named Cookie, Pepper, Daisy, Ozzy and Freddie, 1 rabbit named Ruby, 1 cat named Buddy, and a German Shepherd pup named Milo. I suffered severe anxiety and depression in College early this year, and therefore had to withdraw early, but I'm hoping to re-start this September with the help of medication, *squeals*. I'm studying equine (horse) management.

    I've been a member of this site for just over 1 year now (gosh, time does fly?) and I've made some very good friends here, it's a great place to be when reality is on the downside, as always. I'm a regular blogger, so you'll probably see me pop up sometimes, I like to talk, but sometimes struggle when my enthusiasm is lacking. I suffer with various mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar (including psychosis), maladaptive day dreaming disorder, and health anxiety. I have claustrophobia and a fear of being locked in too (not sure of the technical term...) and some forms of OCD, oh, and did I mention anorexia? I've been in cognitive behavioral therapy since March 2013, with the child and adolescent mental health service, but since recently turning 18, I have my last appointment with them later this week. I am now being referred to an adult mental health team, following a failed psychotherapy assessment. I'm currently not on medication, I was denied it due to being under 18, but I'm hoping to start taking it very soon. I've been to hell and back with professionals of all kinds, I do not trust adults nor like them, I did not want to be one, but here I am lol, I still class myself as the biggest kid ever, despite my age.

    Any queries please ask, I'm a very open person, and always available to help.

  • Hi I'm michala I'm 43 I also love animals but mainly cats I have two and also have a interest in anxiety problems as I am suffering at the moment and would love to find out more

  • Hi mich xx this is a very old thread now for Introductions, but thought I would say hi and let u know u have been seen xx :) bif u post in the site about yourself and ask anything about anxiety you may want to know we shall try to answer if we can xx

  • Hi, I'm in Michelle - nice to meet you!

    I just joined and created a post a few minutes ago...hopefully some of you will take a look at it.

    I love animals, my family, friends, yoga ( both Hot and Kundalini ) and spiritual/ self help books...oh, and TV too.

    I've had anxiety ( and panic attacks ) for the last year and would love to hear from some of you that have gone through the same thing...I've had it 10 years ago and got "cured" with hypnotherapy...and now it came due to some major changes in my life. Anyways, so lovely to be here :)

  • Hi Michelle I an new to this sight also. I have anxiety very bad it has just about taking control of my life but I thank ?God that I am still living.

  • Hi, all. My username is actually my name. I'm a 45-year-old mom to four ages 23, 10, 9 & 7, grandmother to one, writer, blogger and sufferer of anxiety & depression along with the diseases fibromyalgia, sjogren's syndrome and multiple myeloma.

    I enjoy reading and writing as well as journaling, jewelry making and scrapbooking.

  • Hello

    I am on several sites covered by Healthunlocked, I live on the English/Scottish Border now and I have a Welsh Collie called PAX.

    Now I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and am registered disabled, at the moment we are converting two cottages to make my getting around far more easy than is now. I suffer Reactive Depression due to Chronic pain.

    Generally I am unable to interact with people very well, although my interests are Mental Health conditions so I am an active member of Healthwatch, a think tank attached to to Adapt and NHS My interest is Mental Health and Dementia assists me to suggest procedures in new ways and present recommendations, in GP Practice and Hospital Clinics. That makes for more better proactive procedures that picks up problems before they become a problem.

    Also I represent my GP Surgery on Healthwatch, and keep the Patient Participation Group and GPs up to date on new actions that may become accepted in the future. I also am the first person who patients see when they complain I pass them on to Advocates in Healthwatch. This is all voluntary.

    I also when possible work in our new garden and that helps me relax

    All the best


    My site name is Borderriever

  • Hi Matt my name is Annie I would appreciate all of the support that I can get on anxiety. I have suffered this for a long to

    One my problem is driving. I have been driving fo 35 years and 15 of this years has been very terrible. Tired of all this medication which does not seem to help.

  • Hi, I'm Mya. I am an artist with a background working in Video Game Development. I also try to freelance as a model which causes me alot of anxiety because of the travel. I find travelling away from home incredibly exhausting as I have to cope with the possibility of panic attack. Mine are very annoying because they come with tears, which I don't want anyone to see. I feel a tightness in my throat and a sinking in my chest and immediatly I need to go home no matter what commitment I have to someone else. For this reason I am here. I want to stop bailing on work opportunities and friends in crying breathing breakdowns. I find it daunting and sort of crack to my ego that I am not a reliable person. Also I have a hard time getting close to people for the same reason. I don't have any friends at the moment because I worry I might do something to hurt their feelings by "flaking" out on them. I do care about others. I care very deeply. I just find myself incredibly uncomfortable in most situations. I really need help being more fearless outside my home and neighborhood. I sometimes don't realize how uncomfortable I am until its too late, I already booking a modeling gig or a job with art, and I can't go through with it when the day comes. I don't want to make people upset by my profession as a model. I am not a fashion model. I model for painting and drawing for art school.

  • I apoligize Jetstar. I didn't realize this was more of a personal Reply. It that case let me tell you its nice to meet you and it's so wonderful of you to be so caring for people in this way. Thankyou.

  • Hi

  • Hi all

    This is all new to me. I'm married with two beautiful children, a son and daughter. I have a yorkie who is adorable and a sweet lazy cat. I have a good family around me but despite this i still feel alone and anxious.

  • Hi! My name is ella gross and i joined this community an hour ago or something. about me: i have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) and it really sucks... i really like to dance and run and i love animals haha thank yall for being so welcoming here, xoxo

  • Hi, I'm Eli and I have depression primarily, but social anxiety seems to be a part of it.

    I've always wanted to try out using a pottery wheel, and one day hope to meet an elephant, as I think they're wonderful animals. My best friend and I once went to Italy to see Pompeii and Mount Versuveus. I hope to go back there one day as it was the happiest I've ever felt :-)

    Nice to meet you all.

  • Hi my name is Kayla, 23 years old currently starting my Counselling degree this September. I'm new to this site so just trying to get the hang of things!

  • I'm new to it too! Nice to see someone of a similar age, im 22! Xx

  • Hey, I'm Natalie :) I'm 22, I'm new on here, only joined today, lovely to meet you all, I was diagnosed last year after being raped after a night out with my friends! I didn't leave the house alone for over 8 months. I was then diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and OCD after being wrongly diagnosed with bipolar disorder xx I hope I can help you all and be a support to you all the best way I can xx I have 2 staffys called ruby & roxy! I have been engaged to my best friend for 2 and a half years, every female member of my family suffers from anxiety also xx

  • Hi Nat, I agree nice to see someone with a similar age and similar story to me as well. I was also raped when I was 19 by my boyfriend at the time, it's taken me years to even understand what happened as the whole time I blamed myself. I have been to CBT counselling for my anxiety and am finally seeking help from a rape counsellor, I have my first appointment next week. I am now happily engaged and my fiancé is brilliant, he's the only one who knows what happened to me and he helped me understand the situation. I'm glad you have people around to support you as I know how hard it can be some days!

    It would be nice to be friends and help each other along the way :) xx

  • Hi Nat & KaylaRawr, it pains me to hear you were both victims of rape. I hope you're getting help. I'm a woman in my fifties and suffer from panic attacks & depression. I have a Beagle that I adopted from a shelter in Mississippi. Having an animal can be so therapeutic. I'm here listen & help. No judgments. Let's stick together. :)

  • Hey Jetstar,

    My name's Miguel and i'm 16 years old, i've only had anxiety for a year but its already bothering me alot and i tried a psychologist but it hasnt worked out for me really..i'm sporty, i eat well i dont smoke or drink, im sociable. You know i have all characteristics of someone who wouldnt get anxiety..its annoying. Yet a year ago i started getting it because of a panic attack i got for the first time in my life. My life has been full of moves, and normally ive adapted well but two years ago i moved to egypt and it was jsut really bad. About me; well i love football, i have two little sisters, i love video games, me and my family travel A LOT and...yeh

  • Hello my name is Mark. I have suffered with anxiety and depression since 1989. I call it the devil on my shoulders. I have 2 dogs Alsatian crosses. Hobbies i like to play golf. That is when I feel well enough. I hate this illness with a vengeance. Hopefully one day we will beat it.

  • Hi there. My name is Jhon. I'm 33, married to a wonderful woman. We have a 4 year old boy and one more baby on the way. I currently work in the I.T. field. I'm here because I'm determined to overcome my anxiety, which I've dealt with for 5 years now.

    Thank you all.

  • Hi i am Stuart Kneen..I work as freelance content writer and i am very fond of writing health blogs and looking forward to posting here discussing health matters and getting to know other members.

  • Hi there , I am new to this community. I have joined to see if I can glean any information. I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks since having a heart attack.

  • Hi I'm CP8484 and new to this forum. I am a married mother with a 21 year old son. I spend most of my time with my horses and my family (in that order). I have joined this forum as I have, over the last 12 months started to develop panic attacks. It first started with flying and now has developed further with public transport and majorly, things that make me feel trapped in a claustrophobic way. I am hoping to discover how to overcome this as it is suppressing my lifestyle and certainly my husband's.

  • Hi my name is Jayne and I get Anxiety around appointments :( I have just been prescribed 2mg valium but so far have only taken two tablets in the last month ! I'm quite scared of taking them because I don't want to rely on them. For me the worst part is the physical symptoms I'm suffering in the run up to anything, for example tight chest, upset stomach, can't sleep and just generally feeling like I can't cope and end up cancelling my appointment ! It's just so horrible.

  • Hi Guys,

    I have problems driving on freeways or out of my area and feel I will have anxiety or panic attack. This happened to me twenty years ago and I still haven't been the same. Can anyone suggest a way to beat this or anything I can do to stop this problem. It has become embarrassing , and very hard to explain to people my fear of driving outside my suburb!!

  • Hi my name here is Rubyred1989 lol i guess you can tell my age by the user name :) i have sever anxiety and panic attacks :( but i try hard everyday to get through :D i just came from the U.S. to live with my husband in the Faroe Islands he is faroese and i guess the stress of being new and not speaking the language mostly being isolated is increasing my anxiety and panic attacks :( i hope we can all get through this issue its just a bump in the road im sure we can do this together :D

  • Hello my name is Amy,I'm 19. I'm a big animal lover too! My favourite pets are cats and Staffordshire bull terriers. I have an anxiety disorder, unstable emotional and personality disorder,PTSD and depression. I have been diagnosed with mental health since I was 14 years old. Both sides of my family have got mental health. I've recently found out that mental health in my family is heredity which means that any child I have could have a strong chance of having mental health too.

  • Hi my name is ashley im 24 i live in detroit im a good person for advice and im not judgemental i have depression and now im thinking anxity it makes like a little more difficult

  • Hey thanks for the welcome! My name is Beth and I've just not long turned 19. I have a 2 year old son and suffer terribly bad with anxiety which only started a few months ago.

    Atm I am worried that I have heart disease even tho I have had a ECG and every thing was fine. I go to college 5 days a week which helps me take my mind off it a bit. I enjoy partying but haven't really been out since the anxiety started:/ I enjoy just goin out shopping or taking little one to the park just to get me out of the house so hopefully the worries subside.

  • Hi Matt. I'm Jim. I am 43 and have known for a long time that something was different about me. I have never been diagnosed with anything related to a mental health disorder, but it does run in my family. People would always find my way of thinking or my actions as "crazy", but I just enjoyed the reactions I got from it. Lately, I've been experiencing physical problems (anxiety, dizziness and disorientation). I just started talking to a psychologist and have an intake scheduled with a psychiatrist. The psychologist believes that I am bipolar. I don't really have great highs or lows, but reading the symptoms, she is probably right. We will see. Anyway, great web site. Oh, and I have a greyhound and two cats.....a wife and 4 kids too:)

  • Hi,

    I'm Grant and I suffer with anxiety/stress, to the point where it now gives me pain in my pelvic floor! I'm looking for some sort of help regards this. I was fit and healthy until I started getting pain in the groin area. I was ultra stressed because of this and went through a series of agonizing blood and urine tests to check for all and everything. uti's, sti's ,( really paronoid at this point), cancer they all come back clear, fine and normal. I had a blood test on prostate that came back normal aswell. I just need to know why this has happened. I have been off work for 6 weeks now. Also I'm on anti- anxiety and anti-depression medication, which seem to be working. Also now I find it difficult when I'm out and about in public. I'm also married with three boys. I'm 52. The anxiety has been there for a number of years, probably all my life. But lately, the last coupe of years it has increased because of some very bad incidents within my extended family.

  • Hello,

    My names Crystal and I'm 31. Have two tiny humans (3&2 years old) and two dogs. Happy to have found this group. Studied psych in college but now after dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for the last two years I am starting to think I should have paid closer attention. I've gone from a social butterfly to a dormite hermit in the last year and unfortuanty my spouse thinks I'm making my anxiety and attacks up and my health care provider is so confused with my situation that I am currently awaiting a referral to another doctor.

    Hoping to read some stories that will help me feel less alone and less like I'm lossig my mind. :)

  • Hi my names Emma, im 20 years old. I struggle with depression and anxiety. Most days I struggle to leave the house, I have lost a lot of friends. I live with my ex boyfriends family as they have become such close family to me. I love animals and going horse riding (when my anxiety is manageable). I used to love shopping but lately my anxiety is so bad I have resorted to online shopping to save me from facing people! I am going through health issues and so that's not helping at the minute. Would love to talk to people with similar situations. I just feel so alone at the minute xx

  • Hi Emma

    This is a really old Welcome post & really Admin should do a new one for the forum but meantime your introduction may get missed on here so I hope at some stage if you have not done already you will feel like you can do a post of your own , more members will see it & you should hopefully then get more replies :-)

  • Hi tiffany, I have a wonderful family who are very surportive, I have a dog called Rosie shes my baby, I suffer panic attacks and anxiety with tendency to be very compulsive, I struggle most days but soldier on xx

  • Hi Tiffany

    This is a really old Welcome post & really Admin should do a new one for the forum but meantime your introduction may get missed on here so I hope at some stage if you have not done already you will feel like you can do a post of your own , more members will see it & you should hopefully then get more replies :-)

  • I am Barrie, 53 yrs young and in pretty good physical shape. I started getting numbness on scalp ,feet and hands.felt like i was vibrating. Occasionally I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my throat and would have a sort lived wave of dizziness come over me. In fear of heart issues I went to the ED of a local hospital

    Was given chest x-rays, EKG,MRI, and blood work. All results came back negative, or positive depending how you look at it.I left there frustrated, but a little relieved. Judging by the testimonies on this site I may be experiencing anxiety. I will keep reading post and will follow up with my GP.Thanks to everyone for sharing.

  • Hi Barrie

    This is a really old Welcome post & really Admin should do a new one for the forum but meantime your introduction may get missed on here so I hope at some stage if you have not done already you will feel like you can do a post of your own , more members will see it & you should hopefully then get more replies :-)

  • Hi there I am 689908. I split from my girlfriend over a year ago before she had our wonderful son. About three months ago I started to feel my mental health decline. I have stopped drinking alcohol and recently one hobby (sports coaching) came to an end. With extra time on my hands I am finding a huge void. I pine for my ex and I miss the good times with her. I didn't expect to feel like this at 40, feeling alone & unattractive. I see my ex three times a week when I pick up our Son. I love him so much but the guilt I feel for the situation he has been born into is crippling.

    Anyway, looking forward to chatting to you all.

  • Hi 689909

    This is a really old Welcome post & really Admin should do a new one for the forum but meantime your introduction may get missed on here so I hope at some stage if you have not done already you will feel like you can do a post of your own , more members will see it & you should hopefully then get more replies :-)

  • Hello im sue, i joined today .

    I've got two beautiful children I have a lovely home and I work on the outside don't really have anything to be depressed about ( I am grateful for everything that I have) and yet I've woken up today with tears streaming down my face. I feel like I've got the weight of the world on my shoulders today.

  • Hi I'm peach, I joined today. I've been suffering with bad anxiety, panic attacks, depression and agoraphobia for the past 3 months or so. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, Or making any progress. I'm still terrified to leave the house and too scared to be on my own. I feel such a burden on everyone, but I can't seem to kick it! !

  • Hi everybody I'm andrew. Im 22. And I'm literally going crazy i lost my job in september my girlfriend is pregnant with my child. He's due in 6 weeks if whatever is wrong with me is anxiety I need to learn how to control it before then I've been to the hospital 10 times in the past 2 weeks with chest pain diarrhea and headaches. I've had 4 ekgs I don't even know how many different blood tests and 3 chest x-rays. Everything came back normal so they told me it's anxiety but this is the scariest feeling in the world. It all stared wit what I thought was a heart attack they said it was a panic attack snice then Google has not been my friend I'm constantly searching what could be wrong with me. I have aches and pains every were muscle twitches headaches diarrhea random nasea and vomiting this sound in my head that sounds like pop rocks short shooting pains in my head n chest dizziness I'm almost always tired but can't get a full nights sleep sometimes I feel like I can't breath. Palpitations spikes in heart rate and blood pressure n everything gets worse daily. My pcp prescribed me paxil but I'm afraid to take it incase my problem isn't anxiety the hospital prescribed me ativan in hopes of me not going back but that didn't really help much. I literally feel like I'm dying. Is this really what anxiety is or is se thing seriously wring with me :(

  • Hi all,

    New to the forum here... posted already in some of the threads where I can relate to what some of you are going thru. I have been dealing with dizziness/lightheadeness/head fullness/brain zaps/head waves/head pain/soft spots, etc for about 5 years now. I have gone to numerous doctors/specialists. Have had numerous tests done and they have all said I have just anxiety/vertigo (postpositional/vestibular). Some doctors tell me to just do PT (physical therapy). I have tried this, but to me it hasn't helped) Its just hard to think that all these physical symptoms are JUST anxiety. Its a really frustrating thing to live with on a day-to-day basis. I'm hoping coming to this forum will help me get some answers. A few of the threads I have read which relate a lot to myself shows maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Any insight would be appreciated.



  • Hi my names Kimberley, I am currently a University student studying Applied Animal Science. I am going through a rough time through personal issues as well. I love animals, and enjoy volunteering at a farm every Sunday. I have recently moved from Wales to England and I do professional cleaning.

    Hi everyone.

  • Hello everyone I'm Kelly,

    I'm 22 and suffer from OCD and have anxiety. I have tablets for these conditions but I am struggling lately so I thought I would give this a try and see if anyone has any advice or tips.

    Thanks xx

  • Hi Am kay.

    I like exercise and sight seeing.

    Watching films, I love music especially watching live shows also having a drink with friends.

    Am bit of a stress head and worrier.

    Suffering with anxiety for over a year now.

    Though I'd give it ago joining this group today

    :) x

  • Hi im john and I love to play guitar I have 3 children and am self employed I suffer from g.a.d and health anxiety and been bad with it for the last year I have good days and bad days I get the usual symptoms dizzyness racing thoughts and think I have every illness I hear about lol im having a bad day today and found this site thought id say hi and spk to people in the same baoat as me sorry for my spelling not one ov my strong points lol

  • Hi, I am also a dog lover and have four little pooches. I suffer from an anxiety disorder

    possibly due to the fact that I have severe COPD. However I find the anxiety more difficult to handle than the shortness of breath.


  • Hiya

    I have a shetland sheep dog and two cats. I'm no where near Scotland but down on the south coast. I have lots of interests when I'm well but the depression robs me of my concentration :-/

  • Hello, im Annalise. I have been suffering with anxiety AND health anxiety since i was 10. People realy never understood me and thought i was crazy and mental. This caused me to lose all of my friends and lost my close relationships. I am glad to find a whole entire community that are sharing this problem with me (not like i wish for anyone to experience this but you know). So..HEY!

  • Hi everyone, I'm Rosie, still on the good side of thirty and was diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety five years ago. Before I would very obsessed over very small things like dental check ups, but they gave me medication which really helps. I still have moments of horrible anxiety though and joined here so I could find some ways to help further.

  • Hello I'm d I suffer from depression and anxiety 😩

  • Hi im Cat, 28 (soon 29), mum of 3 kids (9, 5, 4) and engaged to a wonderfully patient man, i was diagnosed with dyslexia n dyspraxia whilst in college in 2003, depression & sciatica in 2010 after having my 2nd child, Drs cant find anything wrong with my back despite scans and ive worked my way up from citralopam through, prozac, and all the different doses of setraline, ive found crafting helps keep me occupied during sciatica bouts to destract my anxiety from the mess that my kids create

  • I ok on to I see nurse needle what blood

  • watch do mental test -more test woman would like one to one with patient why what carer can help

  • Hi Matt how are you i am Ria.and has anxiety if I worry excessively.I am feeling that way currently and hoping it will settle down it's good to know how about strategies to enhance these "pest" lol

    Thanks for the intro..

  • Hiya I'm Emily I'm 18 years old. Nothing much exciting about my life for the past 2 years as I have major anxiety I don't even know what kind it is but probably health because I'm obsessed over a heart attack or a stroke because of the symptoms and I constantly think something is wrong with me hahaha. Not as bad now as I used to be but :) it gets easier I guess. Nice to be on here and see hundreds go through the same as I do :) x

  • I'm Shelby Lou (named after my grandpa and grandma) and I have a dog named Janie and a cat named Holly and am planning on studying environmental science as soon as I can kick this anxiety. right now I don't do much of anything though.

  • Hi Matt and everyone else here. I am Jane and I live with my husband and 20 yr old grandson. They are both great Man united fans and I have even been known to tag along. We have been married for 43 years and are now retired. ish . I like to think That I am a young 63 yr old. If there is such a thing? Then I am it. lol. I love to shop for clothing still. No granny clothes but lipsy dresses etc. Next jeans, Tastefully done though. i.e. no short skirts or jumpers off the shoulder. I lost my only son in 2009 and as they say. We never truly recover. Nor would I want to. However,,, I do not ask for sympathy as it does not help anything. Life has to go on and we must not waste what we have been given. I spend lots of time on my pc and especially F

    acebook. I was a care assistant in a 60 bedded private nursing home for Ten years and I feel I gained lots of life experience here. Upon reading this back. I sound like a pompous religious old fogey. This is most definitely not the case. I can be as funny and caring as anyone else. Why is it so difficult to get across to others who we really are? Anyway,, I digress. Thank you all yet again and I look forward to meeting you all on here of course.

  • Hey

    My name is charlene I am from South Africa. Married beautiful children, no dog no cat but I do have my pet app lol. I'm a sales consultant by proffession. I am sooo in love with God as He is my rock. I love reading, writing poetry and just being silly old me. This anxiety started almost 6 years ago and trying any method I read about to help. I have been through dramatic stuff a couple of years ago and yes due to that I believe it triggered the anxiety. I am not on any meds but has been subscribed yelate just don't want to go that route any whoo I love music any rock and rock gospel love love it.

    Oh you said introduce my self not Wright an s.a lol


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