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This day has been okay in terms of anxiety levels, work was quite enjoyable and I laughed a lot throughout the day, I thought it may have been because last night I went for a jog and tired myself out. So when I got home tonight I went another jog, came home and felt so so, but within the last hour my anxiety is through the roof. My chest feels sooooooooo tight. :-(

Anyway how's everyone else's day been?


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Hi Ashley glad u had a nice day, maybe ur anxiety levels was down because u wasn't thinking about it. I find wen I'm not thinking of it I forget and feel normal for a while. As for it anxiety being up now I've problem over done it plus the heat doesn't help. Hope u feel better after a night's sleep xxx


Hi Donna

I did think that but to be honest I was actually thinking about it all day, my brain was going " hello anxiety, I know your there come on out" but it didn't show up until now, just before bedtime, but the heat, oh my is it warm :-(



Hi Ashley

I am not much use tonight , well maybe I am not much use any night , but hun you wouldnt be able to jog in this heat , if you had a bad heart , believe me ;-)

I no that feeling as well when you are having a good day , but there is that little voice trying to remind you , you should be worrying

donaf , cant you get your pic back , I no your name has changed , but you will always be donaf to me , but that pink :-) face , I miss your pic :-(

Hope you both get a good nights sleep





Hi whywhy

Even just replying is good enough for me :-)

I'm going to keep the jogging up, I'm sure it will be good in the long run, I won't let this feeling put me off.

Living at home is also causing me a lot of stress, me and my mum fell out and haven't spoken in a few days, so I think that may also be a cause :-(

Hope you also get a good nights sleep



Bless , I will reply , as long as I find people , I am still not finding this straight forward lol

Yes if you have had words with your Mum , then that wont help

O dear the silent treatment as well lol i dont like that one :-(

I will try , to have a good night , I feel it will be a late one , the heat here is beyond a joke , the house is like you have had central heating on full for a week , with no doors or windows open , I have every window still open , back door , fans blowing & its still hot

& even at this time I keep going & sitting out side lol



Sounds like my day a d bang like clock work right as im going home one of my team decides to be demanding and stress mr out


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