Very anxious today

Today I had to go into town for an appointment the build up to going was an absolute nightmare. Anxiety through the roof heart pounding dizziness, sweating all i wanted to do was run home. I’m normally able to control my anxiety to a point but lately it’s all just got a bit too much for me to cope with so doc changed my anti-depressants only been on them a few days so maybes anxiety is at a peak while my system gets used to them but after all the stress I built up in me it’s left me with the worst tension headache and still quite shaky even 6 hours after getting home 😩


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  • They do take a while to kick in and sometimes the anxiety can rise when you first take them. An attack like that does take it out of you. Hang on in there until the meds kick in. Good luck

  • Thanx keith hopefully it wont be too long until i start feeling the benefits today has totally drained me mentally and physically

  • It does drain you, on bad days it feels like you've just run a marathon. It's one of the symptoms that people find hard to understand, how much it takes out of you physically.

  • That's how my agoraphobia makes me feel but I actually went to an appointment today and the grocery store I had very little anxiety and I am really proud of myself. The citalopram did heighten my anxiety alot for about the first week or so .. just hang in there maybe see if your doc can give you some valium low dose to help till your body adjusts.

  • Wyominganxiety, You should be proud of yourself. That was a big step forward. Always nice to hear a success story. xx

  • Thank you!! My friend thought I was crazy cause I was so excited! To her was an everyday task but I felt on top of the world!! 😀

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