Today anxiety wise for last couple days has been good ever since my husband got sick i was doing everything ! i honeslty think its a memtal thing as long as i keep my self busy and and dont have time to worrie about anything i did feel like a lil bit of anxiety but i didnt think about it im so happy i think my dads helping and the lord up above too and the ones i be praying for im so happy and blessed thank you jesus! hows every one doing i havent been on here lately


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  • Hi Crystal88, I'm sorry it took your husband being sick to have a turnaround. It is true that keeping busy as well as the satisfaction you get in accomplishing something, certainly helps lessen your anxiety. I wish you well, you are doing good.

  • Thank you i appreciate my husband had pneumonia so it was serious i snapted out of it

  • Crystal88, I hope your husband is doing better now but I also hope you will continue to do good. What I've learned having anxiety for so long is that anytime there was a crisis , I would be able to handle it w/o symptoms. It just shows that we do have an inner strength that will eventually prevail.

    Take care.

  • Good for you Crystal! Some of us would cower when there is a problem but it made you stand up to the challenge. Please remember this when you have a bad day and know that when it comes down to it you are a strong person and can do what needs to be done.

  • Thank you im doing my best when i get up set instead over powering my body i tell my self let it i usally cry when im bad but i let it tell my self its nothing thats the old crystal i use to be when i was a teenager ! my family tells me what happend to her the bad ass one not the weenie one lol . but i am doing my best im hoping i can sing again singing is my stress realever !!

  • Why wait? I envy you for having something that you love and singing is free. Go ahead and put on a show for your sick husband.😍

  • I use to sing all the tim i can sing whitney houston i will always love you! well ppls say o should go to the voive or american idol lol then i i use to smoke ciggts but my anxiety stoped me last year we use to go every thursday karoeoke bar i would always be the number one lol

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