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So I went to the doctors today we went over all my symptoms . The inner shaking , The wavy vision , everything pretty much . Now a few weeks ago I was in the emergency room because of the shaky feeling they told me I had a UTI . My doctor said that they thought the specimen might have been contaminated so I needed to repeat another test . But I had already done that because I had an OB appointment last Friday they found nothing but a small trace of blood in my urine . My doctor ordered a blood test today to see if my white blood cell count went down now I'm so worried that they will call me and something else will be wrong . This doesn't help someone with health anxiety!!! Anyone have a similar experience ? Please say a prayer for me !


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  • A UTI can really throw you off. One thing you can do at home is drink baking soda and water. Mix a tsp of baking soda in water and drink it down. It tastes icky, but it cures a UTI pretty quickly. See for more info on this remedy.

  • Yes I know this remedy thank you so much for the advice . What has me concerned is the fact that they said oh the specimen could've been contaminated and then when I give them another sample they didn't find anything . so I guess my white blood cell count is what's concerning me.

  • I bet you had a UTI and your white count went up to fight it. It will take a while for it to go down. It means your body is working and knows how to fight infections.

  • Thanks so much sunnyg ☺️ My doctors office called and said my counts are back to normal. That's good news for this hypochondriac ! Thank god !

  • I think the anxiety mimic a uti

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