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Don't know which way to turn

Hi all having had a meeting today to try and help me get back into work,I had to go over everything in my past that has caused my anxiety disorder,I've been told aswell as the disorder I'm also over sensitive to everyday life for example if I have to walk past say a ambulance dealing with a emergency I get all worked up before I even see what the problem is,feel stuck in a rut and don't know which way to turn.with anxiety,depression and now being oversensitive I've forgotten who I really am,so want to be me again x

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Hi and welcome:)

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering from anxiety but you will find lots of support here.

I can totally understand how you feel. Have been to see you GP?



Hi Lynne and welcome.

It must be awful to be so sensitive to everyday life, as well as having anxiety. I am surprised that you haven't been offered counselling or behaviour therapy or even both. If I were you I would ask my GP for help. But you can always come on here and chat there is always someone who will listen and give you advice and support.

Take care Kenny xxxx


Dear Lynne, you 'sound' like me around fifteen years ago, you're a raw nerve. I could not watch the Casualty TV programme without it causing me extreme anxiety.


Thanks for both replies. I am currently under my doctors care. I'm in the middle of cbt and considering trying hypnotherapy but haven't heard if doing that has good results. I'm very stubborn so as much as the anxiety has a grip I won't be beaten and make myself do things that leave me feeling anxious. Just be nice to one day wake upto me again x


So pleased to hear that you're getting help Lynne. I truly hope the CBT helps. From my personal experience, your stubborness could be positive, or, self-defeating.


Have you seen your GP? It sounds as if you have had an interview about work, is it the Work Programme? I have to see them too.


I found CBT very good though it did take me a while to 'get it' but when I did it made a huge difference.

I also did hypnotherapy and had two cds made to listen to at home. One was a therapy one which puts me in a deep sleep and she talks me through the therapy. The other is a relaxation cd of about 10 minutes which totally relaxes me and just makes you feel so good. Would be wonderful to feel like that all the time. I think both treatments have helped me get through my anxiety.

Like you, I try not to let my anxiety stop me doing things even if , at times, I feel very anxious beforehand. I find it is never as bad as I think it's going to be.

Good luck, Julie xx


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