Am I too odd to cope anymore?

I have just been reading some of the blogs (sorry posts) and it seems to me that quite a lot has been written about age and computer literacy

Now I understand that at 68 I am one of the younger ones on this site.However even I have to do some brain training now and again.

I love Sudoko Crossroads Code puzzles and maths quizzes.

I really think that there are many things that one can do to keep the "little grey cells" active

Recently I had my IQ tested and it came out at 36.I am led to believe that that is borderline genious!

But even with all this behind me I still cannot conquer FACEBOOK.

So I must accept that I am too odd for all this technology and must return to my counting frame and Mr.Babbage.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

Poor odd Grog



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10 Replies

  • Grog

    Dont fret hun us young ones are struggling lol

    You are fine as well on Facebook , I think you are doing soooo well

    Where has Bertty gone as well...he is younger & doesnt seem to be dealing well with the changes lol

    Come on dont give up

    Chocbars stick together remember lol


    Your favourite



  • Whywhy I shan't give up

    I am just waiting for some one to point out my "deliberate" mistakes




  • Well, I didn't know what to say - if i said - Do you mean you're too OLD - not too ODD - that would have sounded rude. If I'd said Yes, you are too ODD that would have sounded rude! :(

    So let me just assure you - with my Professor Rose academic cap on ;) - that you are NEITHER too old nor too odd!!!

    We're all struggling, hun, you are not alone!!! Keep the faith! ;)

    Love n hugs




  • Grog , whats happened to your pic, you are blurred & blue lol


  • I've been blue all my life.All alone on my own!

    Plus all I have here is barbie after barbie that's enough for fatal suffocation



  • Well, Grog, I'm 4 years younger (older?) than you and I'm computer literate, so age has nothing to do with it. I can't do Sudoku or maths puzzles - I once scored 4% in a maths exam! :-/ but love code puzzles - might have been handy during the war, but they didn't have the benefit of my expertise, unfortunately! :(

    But don't you dare give up - you're doing really well, and on Facebook too, and, as Why says, us choc bars have to stick together - well, in this heatwave, don't think we've got a choice :-D

    So come on, you can do it!!!! You ain't getting away so easily, we need our Grog on here! :)




  • Sorry but I must be honest Mr. Grog.

    You are both too old and too odd!



  • You are not helping Butty

    We are all choc bars , now get tonights song in the making , we need something good as well as we are all melting

    Great to see you have dropped in to say hello




  • Hello Whywhy and also to young Rose.

    I am sorry to hear that you are moulting

    It could be something to do with the heat.

    I have just imbibed 9 pints of Ribena and am still thursday

    Will try and find a song for later butter is very hard in this weather




  • This is young whywhy

    I am melting , not moulting

    All my effort to get on here & its just to see the song of the day

    Do your best ;-)


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