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Does anyone use Alcohol to cope?

I know how this may sound. However, I do at times, drink to escape the stress. We all know it's a muscle relaxer. I don't do it on a regular basis but sometimes it seems to help. Especially when I have nothing that I must do the following day. I'm not reccomending that others do it, but there must be some out there that do. Of course I worry that it may get out of control but for now it's pretty infrequent. It helps in social situations and allows me to forget about the issues and feelings of anxiety.

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I did at the beginning, but the after effects are insane for me.

Since alcohol does dehydrate you, I get very bad heart racing after a night drinking, so I stopped I do it probably bi monthly it helps at the moment of drinking that relaxed feeling but hrs later it's hell

Not worth it

And it isn't a great thing to get in a habit as you say.

I hope you find an alternative :)




I don't get hangovers but I don't normally let myself drink that much. I don't have any after effects. That's not to say that I have never had a hangover, I have in the past had some doozies. I will be sure to keep it under control. Thanks


hi i use to drink alot to block out my anxiety and domestic abuse and to get me from a to b at the time you think its helping but in the long run its just creating another problem for yourself,

i went from a bottle of wine a night to 2 to 2 plus a bottle of brandy and so on, i tried to stop and just couldnt i fell pregnant and at once everything became clear to me and i never touched a drop that was 5 years ago now i can enjoy a social drink without going ott but after a couple of glasses im ready for bed lolxxx

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Hi, I know how you feel. My situation is different than yours but I can relate. I'm still young but when I was even younger I used to drink a ton, and not in moderation. I didn't know my limits and I would use alcohol to avoid and forget about all my problems instead of dealing with them. It also made it easier for me to talk to people openly. Almost every time I drank I ended up getting way too drunk to the point I would wake up the next morning and not know what happened. This is definitely more extreme than your case, but you're definitely not alone in using alcohol to escape stress and social anxiety. Since then I've come a long long way and really changed my habits around. I still drink, but have learned how to control myself where I can actually remember things and I deal with problems in different, healthier ways. I think a glass of wine or a causal drink to calm some nerves here and there is okay, but if you're using alcohol to deal with problems that need to addressed, that's when it becomes a problem. If you find yourself starting to depend on alcohol, you really should try to stop.



Happy to say I still enjoy a jar and possibly a chaser, some feel I am wrong although I feel if I do it in moderation and not go mad and am not hurting myself our other people it is fine. I take a good few medications some are Opiate type, the GP knows what I do so we find it is not a problem

Remember the saying

When drinking it is no problem

When drunk I fall down, no problem !!



It will help for short period of time while you drinking but next day you anxiety will worst . Promise you I tried,


Alcohol worked really well for my anxiety at first. Turns out I am an alcoholic and the self medicating turned into a nightmare for me. I ended up drinking round the clock for years.... it no longer helped with the anxiety but it made it worse.... I was mentally and physically addicted to it. I remember thinking I would stop if I ever started problem drinking... or looked like some of my friends who were "loser drunks." It turned out I passed that line without realizing it.... It is a very dangerous substance. Thankfully I went into a treatment hospital for thirty days and that was over thirty years ago.... Please be careful.... Alcohol is great and fun even for those who aren't biologically predisposed to being an alcoholic. But it's a nightmare if you are an alcoholic. I always thought I'd have a choice and that I could control my drinking, fear, real fear was finding out I had no control. Once I was treated for alcoholism and my mental illness with antidepressants and counselling the desire for alcohol left me.


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