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I can’t take it anymore

I’ve been googling all night. I try to stay away from google but some days are just terrible. Basically I haven’t felt normal in a year. The most recent symptom is this head rush/lightheaded/buzz feeling. I get it when I stand for about 5-10 minutes in one spot. I have checked my BP and it’s fine. I have had my ears, heart, blood work, allergies, brain and neck checked.. I’m normal, apparently. Well why do I feel this way? I can’t enjoy life. Not only do I have that issue.. I have this weird arm feeling, where I kinda feeling off balance dizzy with arm movement.. it drives me nuts! Just a simple shoulder shrug and I feel strange. I am tired of doctors saying it’s anixety.. I don’t think I am anxious all the time.

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Me too! I'm feeling like this right now , I just got off google looking for symptoms that's making my self worse . I always feel my self feeling like I'm off balance or standing on a boat feeling , I think it happens when I think about it or just me focusing on the feelings then that's when it gets worse , my head feels heavy my eyes can't really Focus on anything & then I feel just dizzy , I always feel like I gotta be on my toes ' it's been 2 weeks feeling like this and I just wanna be happy and normal again :(

I always drive my self crazy , I need to go back to the doctors because I hate this feeling


Your Anxiety has caused your mind to choose something overall to worry about...

In your case ,Health.

Could have been anything, so an overactive mind is the real problem...

You have to find a distraction you enjoy to calm your mind, spend time with nature....


I suffer this also. When we have anxiety it is a fight or flight response that is triggered. Adrenaline floods the body amongst other things. I believe what we are suffering is some kind of come down from it where our bodies and chemicals are readjusting.

Also, would you consider you consider yourself an empath? Is may help to use some grounding techniques or gentle yoga poses. Going out into the woods or by the sea. These techniques work for me .. but I sometimes get so anxious I cannot function enough to get these things done. Something I still need to work on.


I wonder how much is actually made worse by the physical act of being on a computer. The arm problem could be related. My arms sometimes feel odd after lots of googling..especially when googling with tight, anxious muscles...Just a thought x

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I feel your symptoms. The rocky/dizzy motion is a classic feeling that agoraphobics feel, especially when out. But over the years I have worked out what causes my dizziness. Incidentally, I think anxiety and phobias are physical conditions. But I found that after a period of intense stress that the constant clenching of my muscles (especially my neck) and not even realizing I was doing it, that this stopped the oxygen from properly getting through and therefore giving this dizzy/rocky feeling. The answer is to try and get to the root of what is causing the stress and anxiety and remedies can be deep breathing techniques, getting immersed in things you are passionate about to take mind off anxiety or prescription drugs to help dampen down anxiety. I take tranx sometimes (not all the time or you will become dependent). A/depressants can help too but they're not for everyone but would advise speaking to an understanding GP. Best of luck x


Change doctors. When they are baffled, it's your fault for the physical symptoms. Sometimes, it best to have a fresh pair of eyes evaluating your problems. And yes, you can continue to take it...we all have on this website. Please hang in there.


the more i think in my symptoms, more symptoms i feel, so what you should do is relax, do something nice, like watch TV, listen music, something like that, if you still felling weird, do some medical exams, but problably you won't need it, because is just you anxiety trying to convince you that something is wrong when it isn't


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