A short update from the team at HealthUnlocked

Dear All,

This is a very short update to let you know we are currently in discussions with the team at Anxiety UK about the future of the community here.

Please bear with us for the time being. We are working on a solution and there will be a full communication from both AUK and HealthUnlocked in the next couple of days regarding the outcome. And as always please especially maintain respect for other users and the moderators of this community.



(Co-founder of HealthUnlocked)


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12 Replies

  • Hope it works in our favour as this is a really good and needed site.Thanks for letting us know what is happening.

  • Thank you, Matt! :)



  • Thank you for the timely feedback Matt.

    Hope the outcome of the discussions with AUK is positive.

    regards, Mallet-Head :-) :-)

  • Cheers Matt :-)

  • Ok. :)

    Thank you very much.

  • Thank you, Matt.

    Fingers crossed we can sort this out and keep going.x

  • If ever there was proof this forum NEEDS to keep going look at the post from cherub2012 and the helpful replies to hopefully ease his mind.

  • Please keep this site going. It has been of such great help to me and I check in everyday. Thanks.

  • Yes Cheers Matt, hoping the outcome is a positive one.


  • Hi matt it would be shame to lose this community as there seems to be a lot of good here. You are doing well noticed you syndicate content to NHS cool. We met once in Germany both having to give presentations, think I roped u in x Helen

  • Thanks for the update Matt I think the response to when we was told was closing down should show how important this site is to a lot of people. So hopefully you'll keep it going.

  • this community is amazing , its helped me a great deal , it needs to keep running x thanks for update x

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