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Three positives one negative

I have just had a really good week indeed including work going very well.

Had a nice time at my brother in laws 40th do.

Went to wimbledon on Tuesday

Enjoyed going to my daughters school prize giving.

On the down side I have been experiencing an over active bladder. Which is most awkward. Does anyone else have experience of this?

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I did when I was taking citralopram, it has now stopped! After speaking to my sister she has it now and is taking citralopram.

Sounds like you've had a great week, v v jealous of going to Wimbledon xx


Intrrestingly I am taking Citalapram. Wonder if that is the cause.


Good week for you ,hope it lasts,If I drink 2/3 coffees I will be going to the toilet A lot,so I don't drink coffee,I only go about 3times during the day but at night I go about 4/5 times every night.


I forgot to say now I've stopped taking citralopram and permantly going to the loo has stopped to.


Wimbers!!!! Strawberry s love hope you hadcream!! Watch that ball bit. Deuce. X


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