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Hi I know we are all suffering from this awful anxiety,dont know about everyone else but it would be nice to hear some positive stories advice help anything that one of us sufferers may get help from.One thing I do to calm me down is breathe in and think of the colour blue then breathe out the colour red.I also visualise blue for calm and have a blue bracelet on that I touch when anxious.May sound silly but it works come on lets have some positives its worth a go x

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Hi Sharon, one of my favourite treatments is to write down what is causing me anxiety, and as a fellow sufferer you know that some of these things will be ridiculous but to us we see them as serious threats....

Anyway, i write them down "landlord angry because kitchen tiles have cracked" for example, i then write my predicted outcome to this event and then keep it until that event happens - i then write down what really happened and slowly - in every case! ive been wrong - usually by miles on my judgement! its a great little CBT trick and its flexible and personal to you!


Hi thank you for that I will try that x


Hi. I have a few little things I do to make myself feel better. Focusing on my breathing is the main thing. I also sit by my dog when I'm feeling a little off. He was around when I had my first attack so he acts as a bit of a comfort blanket for me. He doesn't always want the attention but in most cases I get a cuddle :) and I absorb myself in trash TV with a cup of tea. I get so lost in stupid storylines I forget what I was worrying about!

A tip I read a while back was to number your worry from 1-10 on a scale of seriousness. For instance if I was having a bad day and I smashed my favourite cup I would feel like it was the end of the world, when actually, if I took a step back and numbered how dramatic the problem was I would think 'well really it's only a 2 because I can go and buy another one and I have a cupboard full of cups'. It's really helped me put things into perspective.



Hi i find sucking on polo mints while i calm down helps and also focus on my breathing.


Hi Tash I also suck on a mint or chew chewing gum constantly to calm me down


Hey Sharon,

Good story about anxiety? - not that theres many - but all i do when i feel it coming over, is i think "How many times have i felt this before? and how many times have i got through it? ".. and i repeat that in my head for a bit, try and really think about what i'm saying.. Wallop, before you know it, it's petering out.

which pretty much leads to most of the problem being on what you think and how you think WHEN anxiety starts to take over. Confidence in your mind that its harmless .. makes it harmless.

Hope this helps..

Just think.. you've been there a thousand times before, you'v survived it a thousand times before.




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