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3 More positives

I thought I would post 3 more positives to give us all a Monday morning lift.

I had a really good week at work last week. Am starting to enjoy work again like my old selfe.

Had a nice time at our carnival with the kids. Even went on the dodgems.

Had a great time with relatives who came to see us on Saturday.

Now lets hear your positives guys.

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Brilliant ......... I love this game...........

1. I have finIshed my website enough that I can ring for the SEO and hopefully get lots of business.

2. I had a lovely evening with my best mate..... even though I was tired I pushed myself to go.

3. I recieved a heart wrenching email from my ex and I didnt fall to pieces and as much as it upset I know Ive done the right thing.........

Yahhhhh............ Anda the sun is shining :-)

Ker xx


Carnival sounds exciting! I'm usually the one not going on the rides and looking after peoples stuff. Love the atmosphere. :D


1. 2 weekends ago I threw myself off a crane down a Zipwire 150ft up for charity.

2. I have CBT tonight which always makes me feel better.

3. It's not raining here today :-)


Hi Em,

Love this, and well done with all your positives. Mine are a bit subjued as I had 3 massive panics this week, but still soldiering on.

1. Made a vegtable curry for my wife and me, mmmmm.

2. Carried on getting out dispite my anxiety, including the dentists.

3. Took my wife and son out for fish and chips lol. a rare treat.



Thanks folks. It is really good to hear these. Some of the positives are small steps and some larger but they all contribute to us getting better. Keep them coming!!


And well done to you!!


Hi Gray,

Still very up and down ~ I do feel like I've got a handle on the anxiety (well, it's been almost thirty years, so I ought to have) although the physical symptoms can still really scare me but the depression seems to suck all the life out of me. I feel like I'm walking through sand at the moment.

I couldn't talk myself into posting on Sunday but here are my three things ~

* watched a family of baby coal tits playing in a conifer tree for ages ~ so cute

* there is a beautiful iris flowering in the garden and I've finally planted the sweet peas

* had a very successful meeting with an external agency at work ~ she said lots of reassuring and supportive things and really liked the systems I have put in place.

Hope you're doing


Glad you have been able to post some positives, despite being up and down. I am up and down too, but hoping that gradually I am getting more up than down!!!


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