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Positive thoughts now turn Negative

I have had a good few days over the Easter managed to go out which is difficult for me and thought i am getting back on track :). Today i feel miserable and all the good days seem so far away.

I am sitting here thinking shortly i am going to get my coat on and go for a walk ( am i really saying this) I am so fed up being in this vicious circle of anxiety and panic.

I keep fighting but it gets so tiring, and days like this i feel like throwing in the towel.

Hope everyone is having a better day

Love Seyi xxx P.s I am up and down like a jack in the box makes no sense.

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Get your coat on and take a walk, clear the cobwebs out. I just did and I feel all the better for doing it.

I look at days as just days, with no good or bad, just practice, some practicing coping, some practicing relaxing, there all good really.

Wish you well



Good luck, it's a nice evening to walk for a change. I hate the rollercoaster of one day being so different from the next or previous, think i'm gonna start looking at it like baylien said. Just practice. :) Hope you feel better after your walk x


hi seyi, exactly the same as your first two answers. a little light stroll would probably do you the world of good, things will get better , keep as positive as you can and you will get there, take care,xxx


evening Seyi, I know exactly how you feel, I had a good week and today I feel like I am going backwards again. I am fed up being sad and wanting to cry for no reason, sometimes I just want to go to bed and stay there.

But I am fighting it, I went for a walk earlier and it helped a bit. I hope you find something to distract your mind,

lots of love and hugs :) x x x x


Hi Tara67,

I mean this honestly and hope it may be of help,

You say "But I'm fighting it"

how can you fight anxiety,

its part of ourselves.

wishing you well



Hi baylein, I am not sure what you mean. I meant I am fighting my anxiety because it threatens to take over my life. Do you mean because it is a part of me I should accept it and learn to live with it.

Best wishes T x


Sounds like a great start Tara

Wishing you well


Hi Baylien, maybe "fighting" is the wrong word, but the intent is conveyed that Tara is not willing to wallow in despair but hopefully is on the path of acceptance of anxiety when it crops up. "Fighting" implies rejection, pushing away etc which does not work and only seems to magnify the fears and the effects of negative thoughts.

I find if I can passively ACCEPT these feelings without making any judgements, whilst remaining focussed on deep slow breathing, helps keep things from spiralling out of control. Also, I believe a walk is an excellent way of focussing the mind, particularly to remain "present", which also keeps the anxiety at bay.

best wishes to all, MH


superb mallet-head.

Spot on.



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