Nearly 2 weeks

I'm just coming up to 2 weeks on Citalopram 20mg and I was hoping that i would be a lot better by now (I know they take up to 6 weeks to really kick in but I was hoping it would be quicker for l'il ol me), I was feeling OK but yesterday was DREADFUL. I literally had to order myself out of bed, force myself to eat breakfast and then force myself to take the dog for a long walk.

After realising that I had been told that this would happen by my wise owl of a friend, I followed her advice and continued to boss myself around all day, and actually got quite a bit done (at least I didn't just sit there, which is what I wanted to do really).

I felt really really dreadful, I mean waves of dread crashing over me, and shaking inside, wanting to cry and go back to bed. I also haven't slept well for 2 years nearly, but the last 2 nights have been worse than usual, so I'm really tired too.

This morning I was awake at 1.30, 5.30 & 7.30 and i'm unemployed/unemployable (!) at the moment so I really really don't like that! Finally dozed off for 1/2 hr at 9. Pointless! But I felt marginally better, still had to make myself get up and walk the dog, but have got some computery stuff done, Uni stuff, which I need to do by 23rd... really don't like deadlines!

And now I have counselling tomorrow to look forward to. Really dreading it, don't know what to expect, don't want to feel upset after it. Hope it's ok.

Would like to wake up tomorrow feeling perfectly fine... here's hoping, eh?


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  • Hi twisty I have been taking Citalopram for 19days and it has made my anxiety worse as well, I have had all that you say except the sleep bit. I have been told by friends of this site that things can be worse before better and that they can take a while to kick in. What dose are you on? hang in there I am going to anything to help with the terrible anxiety symptoms. I no its hard but try and stay positive.



  • Thanks Bonnie - I'm on 20mg. I've been told about it getting worse before it gets better too, I'm hanging on in there! Determined to sort this out, I've spent enough time crying and worrying, it needs to stop, and i will make it stop! Looks good written down, doesn't it... all we have to do now is to believe it, haha.

    I just need to take no notice of myself when I'm panicking and anxious. It's hard but I'm trying.

    Hope you feel better soon too x

  • Twisty have you heard of the book called The Secret? my daughter ordered it for me , its very interesting.



  • I haven't heard of it, no, I'll check it out, thanks x

  • Try asking for sum sleeping tablets just till your meds kick in and u start to feel better ! Sleep is a big part of it. No sleep = even worse anxiety !!! I had sleeping tabs for about one month should of been just 1 week but they helped and got me bk in a gd sleeping routine :-) x

  • Hi... I've been on citalopram. It took about 15-20 days for the major side effects to subside. I was taking them for panic attacks and the first five days were torture. Then I dropped down to occasional effects for the next couple of weeks and then the side effects just stopped. I have to say that whilst in the first couple of months I felt better than I had, it wasn't till about the 6 month mark that I truly felt happy.

    That said, for me, they've been the best meds I've been on for my anxiety once I got over the initial hump.

    My sleep pattern was shot, and I was also given sleeping pills for a couple of weeks just to get some resemblance of sleep pattern back.

    It does pay to talk to your doctor... Mine has been especially attentive when I've talked about the side effects and so on.

  • Thanks ClickGirl, I've just been to see the dr, he wasn't my usual dr and he was terrible! Wanted to change my meds, I said no, I haven't even had chance for them to work yet! I'm going to stick with them for now, a good few people have said they've really helped x

  • Hi Twisty how are you doing today on the meds? I hope its a bit better for you.



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