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My night

My night

Hey guys just in from my meal out. Was an ok night just really felt like I couldn't relax felt on edge for most of it. Was there with some lovely people and great friends and all I wanted was for someone else to be there. Got a bit emotional a few times I think I hid it well, but it was probably obvious that I wasn't relaxed.

I'm now in bed feeling like crap that I couldn't enjoy my night and hoping I don't spoil anyone else's night. Hate feeling like this. How can I be surrounded by 8 people and still feel so alone.

Got to try and get some sleep now as I've got to drag my arse to work tomorrow. Something else I'm not look forward to.

Hope everyone's Saturday night went well.


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See I waited up for you , did Cookie ...nope

I no that feeling , when you are surrounded by people yet you feel you are not part of it

You did well , these are all firsts , while dealing with someone missing , but you did it & each time it will get easier

You wont have ruined you friends night , they will have been glad to see you there , believe me , so don't add extra to how you already feel

Believe me , you will get there with this & you are doing well





Thanks for waiting up for me :-)

Yeah I hope your right I just felt like I was there, but not participating in the evening.

Hope your night has been ok.

Hug :-)


Not a problem :-D

Just need my own son in now , so I can relax :-/

Its normal to feel that way , really is , you did well though to face it & stay , don't beat yourself up , please :'(

Things will get better , slowly , but they will

Still watching my cheeky bless him

Go on then heres a hug coming ((((((((hug)))))))))))

You will get me a right reputation :-D



Sorry didn't get back last night was trying to sleep to not much avail I'm bloody knackered this morning and I'm at work.

I try not to beat myself up think its just part f my nature.

I woke up to your hug this morning though which was nice thanx :-)

Nah your rep will be fine. Think of mine firstly we was talking about my pants then I started an argument between you and cookie about willie lol. Not sure what people will think of me. :-/


Well done Will , at least you went, hope things get easier for you, I'm sure they will its just time :) aw I know it must feel awful...


Hi will, when did you get the tattoos of me lol, I love tattoos, I don't have any but I've got a few machines. I want to do some on the cats but OH says no lol.

I doubt you ruined anyone's night and you should feel proud of yourself for going out in the first place considering how you felt.

Whywhys rep is already in tatters so don't worry about that lol, I'm gonna send you bigger hugs :-)

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( willie hugs )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) :-)


Had it done last year on my right rib cage. Got 7 all in all.

Yeah I didn't fancy it but I made it out was a nice night just didnt feel relaxed.

Oh no is it lol. Thanx for my hugs :-) I'll send you a big hug back

(((((((((((((((((((((((((Cookie hug)))))))))))))))))))))))) ;-D

How us cookie today?


Tattoo is lovely, bet that hurt on the rib cage. My daughter has a lovely cross on her back and a few others. I've designed loads but have never had the bottle.

The more you go out, the easier you will find it. Please don't lock yourself away like I have, it's no fun trust me.

Thank you for the hugs, shhhhh don't tell my girlfriend lol :-)


Yeah it hurt a bit especially the first sitting which was 7 1/2 hour sitting.

Nah I'm trying to keep myself busy and work helps a little

I'll keep it between us jut don't tell whywhy she might get the hump lol


Right, come dine has finished, no it hasn't, phew, another half hour on me ass lol, is this room ever gonna get done :-) the bloody kittens are awake now, oh god xxx


That's why that tat cant be you , he would have enough room for your ass :-D



It's not my arse, it's my mouth lol xxx


You said it :-D



7 inch , that's not a bad size ;-)

whywhy has got the hump :-(


Oooooo matron :-)




Right I'm confused what's 7 inches?

And why had whywhy got the hump?


Sorry Cookie , you no damn well , that tat he has is the double of me , how very dare you :-D

Will my reputation is not in tatters , she is just trying to put you of again ,,,,,she just wont give up spoiling what is a beautiful friendship ...



Lol, anyway :-) xxx

Sorry about the rude interruption will. :-)


So I've got whywhy on my ribs? :-/

Don't worry I won't believe the vicious rumours. I'm sure she's not she is my lesbi friend after all. :-)


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