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Anybody else take grammar and punctuation seriously? ARGH!

OK, I may have just punched somebody in the face (through the computer) and MAYBE I got a bit worked up and took it the wrong way. I posted on a guinea pig page on Facebook regarding my 3 guinea pigs that keep getting leg injuries from darting around the cage (trying to be dominant etc...). I got the snottiest reply back, the admin accused me of 'forcing' my guinea pigs to live together and I need to 'get used to the facts of life that not all guinea pigs like each other'. SERIOUSLY? They are not fighting each other, they are being dominant and hormonal! Why do I even bother with online communication? I wish the internet was never invented, too many know it alls can be keyboard warriors behind a computer screen!

If someone puts too many full stops, exclamation marks or uses short sentences, I take it that they are being general bitches. I immediately got a surge of adrenaline, that may have caused me to write a lengthy, formal reply telling her to get some manners, AND a dictionary, haha! God I am so angry over this minute event. It is not the first time this has happened with me either, I tend to fight before I think of other possible ways the sentence could have been mean't, I don't give others a chance to correct themselves, uh oh, my bad. BUT she did anger me...

I am extremely tetchy and grumpy today, no sleep all night, CAMHS on Wednesday, with many many other worries chucked in there. When am I going to chill the hell out?

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<Whispers ~'I like punctuation and grammer. I think it shows the same politeness that speak properly shows'>

But i do hope you feel better soon.

I can get really worked up about things that others find not so important as me. For that reason alone, i had to stop reading the comments on the 'This Morning' Facebook page. I could find myself in an online arguement with people i didn't know lol.


*speaking. Lmao ooops




Enough exclamations marks and full stops for you? ;)

I'm sorry sweetie. :') I just, I couldn't resist. I think it's sad and pathetic when people on the internet are trying to make a point (which is not always valid anyway) without structuring their arguement clearly of consistantly - with a valid, clear line or arguement. The odd mistake is fine. But it has to be understood. I don't know how clear (or unclear) this 'member' was. But what a bitch, not only that, but a sad and pathetic one - so remember that. ;) I mean, she must have a pretty sad life if she spends her time looking at pictures of hormonal guinea pigs and starting on their owners about them?

I can see why it made you angry though.

But you just have to accept that some guinea pigs don't get on. Like humans can't.

Sorry! I couldn't resist. xP

I don't know what's wrong with me lately.

Mwah! <3



the 'or' instead of 'of' WAS genuine mistake. Not me trying to be ironic.


Oooooh Flip Flop, I felt my heart stop when you said THE LINE hahaaaa! I was like great, now my flip flop friend is foofing me up pahaa;) But then I read you were joking, so I won't eat your wings just yet! (sniggers)

You are very 'jokey' recently, are you feeling better?



muffin, I sometimes get the grrrrs when people on fb [not on HU] use poor grammar.

but find , I too, use very short sentences and lots of commas, when I am trying to explain something and want to be clear. and I hope you know how un-bitchy I am!

I find my thoughts and my sentences can become stilted in speech and my writing when I am anxious.

maybe others do too.

anyone who knows you couldn't possibly want to be horrible to you. :)



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