Can anybody else relate?

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. How have you all been? I'm just posting a quick message as I need a bit of help. I'm currently in a new relationship but, again, my anxiety is creeping upon me. Does antibodies anxiety make them feel guilty for nothing? For example, I started freaking out tonight because I thought I cheated on my partner when I haven't. I know for a fact I haven't. But I can't get it out of my head :( I keep obsessing over it :(


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  • What do you mean you thought you cheated on your partner what happened if you don't mind me asking.. not to be noise

  • Not really the same but I constantly feel guilty even though I haven't done anything wrong. The best I can do is reassure myself that I didn't do anything wrong and hopefully the guilty feeling will go away.I hope that you and your partner are really happy and maybe if you talk to them they can help you through this :)

  • I haven't done anything at all. Nothing's happened to make me feel like this, this is why it's so frustrating. Can anxiety have a part to play in this?

  • Yes the relationship is new and you are worried about it.....Relax..slow down and get to know this person and believe in who you are...We all get nervous at the beginning of a relationship. hugs

  • I was in a marriage before and am not now where I had to apologize for everything and it was like walking on eggshells. I am not there anymore and have divorced and moved on and the person I am with now keeps telling me to stop apologizing for nothing. It is a huge change and then the anxiety hits....Take a breath get a journal, write, get out of your own head because you are hurting yourself and nobody else.... You thought you cheated??? Did you get a kiss from someone else???? If it is innocent then you need to talk to your partner and let them know what happened ..It is honest and true and trust is a hard thing to get again after it has been broken......... Sending love and hugs...send message if you need to talk more....

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