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Hi all

It will come as no surprise to most of you that Whywhy and I are friends off this site, and I can confirm that this time, she is not coming back! :(

She is perfectly happy with this decision, which she believes is the right one for her. In fact, this morning we enjoyed a few Tena Lady moments together :-D !!!!

HOWEVER - she has asked me to make it perfectly clear that she DID NOT leave simply because a blog she contributed to was deleted, as has been implied by Admin. She has the biggest heart I know, she is an intelligent and mature woman, and would NOT leave over something so petty and stupid. I would also point out that it was I who made the comment about "nutters" which was apparently complained about. Well, if we can't laugh at ourselves, what hope is there for us?

Something else happened, which I cannot go in to, which did upset her - please, no-one on here, so PLEASE don't anyone feel guilty - it was a misunderstanding. However, as many of you know, Whywhy has been considering her membership of this site for a while now.

As she herself put it, a few things over the last few weeks and months have been baking the cake, putting the icing on it - and Yankee's heavy-handed treatment of Whywhy, who has always given FAR more than she took, of Grog, who, bless him, really needed this site and the banter and fun we had - well, that was the cherry on the top, and she felt she had to go.

I will say two thing before I finish. First, I am by no means sure I will stay - some lovely friends have left and that makes me very sad. The second - as I said above, my comment about "nutters" was said in fun, was not intended to offend anyone. For years, I have found a sense of humour my greatest weapon against anxiety and depression, and if I have to "watch what I say" for fear of offending someone - well, not sure I can cope with that. :-O

BUT - this blog is about Whywhy, and I repeat - she DID not leave because a blog was deleted. It was, as I said, simply the cherry on top of the cake. She has helped more people on this site than anyone I know, and Anxiety UK could have dealt with any problem far more sensitively! :( Well done, Yankee, you've lost the greatest asset this site has ever had.

I should not be surprised if this blog is deleted, but I felt I had to say it. And -this is for Whywhy - we love you, darling, we'll miss you, stay safe and look after my friend Bev for me! :-/

A sad and angry Rose

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This is lovely Rose, thankyou for explaining and you're so right - whywhy has helped so many of us.

I'm shocked at what's happened and not feeling my usual self, I just know I'll miss her. Humour is a wonderful way to get through hard times when you're in a safe space... and I really thought this was... :|

Love and hugs to you xxxx


Thanks, Katy - so did I! :(




Big {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}} back :)


That was meant to be a sad face! Oops :(


Thanks Danny - and thank you for your kind words! :) I agree, a sense of humour is such a great weapon against anxiety and depression. And - Grog was not in a good place, and having a laugh and banter on here helped him through - now he has lost that support as well! And Berrty and Oldvic - sad, sad, sad! :'(

I don't know whether I'll stay, Danny, I really don't know if I can control my sense of humour and not sure I want to try - it's part of who I am! Far less appropriate posts on here have not been deleted! Mustn't use the "N" word, so will content myself with -nuts!

Oscar Wilde said "To lose one parent might be regarded as unfortunate; to lose two looks remarkably like carelessness!" Well, Yankee, to lose FOUR members overnight - looks like gross carelessness to me! :x

The only good thing is that Whywhy is comfortable with her decision, which is right for her, although sad for all the people on here who loved her! She will be missed! :(


A thorny Rose



I agree with Danny88.

I laugh at myself a lot as way of keeping a perspective on my worries.

It would be a sad world if no one laughed.


Keep laughing, Bramwell, if Admin don't like it well - tough!



Thank you Bramwell

Your support is greatly appreciated


Hi rose

like most ppl here I think whywhy will be greatly missed, she helped so many and asked for nothing in return her genuine warmth and friendliness welcomed a lot of us and made us feel comfortable here.

I wish her all the happiness she deserves :) :)

Mimii xxx


I am so sad to see so many people leave this site. I have contributed very little as I am not very good at opening up and have low self esteem so felt my opinion would not mean much but I have gained so much from it especially the humour which has helped me so much after the sudden death in April of my very supportive husband, I would come on here and look for all the blogs from the people who now seem to have gone. I will miss reading these which I did almost every day and the humour did cheer up my darkest moments. I am still suffering anxiety as well as grief so please Briar Rose and some of the others who have been on the site for some time and whose names I have come to know please do not leave. Sealy


I'm a nutter and I agree with every word you said and believe whywhy deserves an apology. How can a forum providing support to those with anxiety issues go around giving someone reasons to be anxious?! kind of seems to be foot in mouth for me!


Couldn't agree more! :-O




What a great tribute Rose :)

I also agree that laughter is the best remedy...Smiling is also really good, but the kinds of inane grins that I pull make me look slightly N-word - but in all honesty I wouldn't mind being called the N-word, at least that would be more noticeable than what an awful lot of people have going on in their heads...and to think a musical associate of mine BA and MA in applied psychology is having her job dissolved, along with many others in the field, now that truly is n**ty in times like these!


A very fitting tribute to a very special person. Whywhy has been one person that's has helped me through a lot of what I've been goin through for te last few months and has made me realise a few things about myself. She has always helped me with my confidence issues and has tried her best to get me to come out of my shell. She was one of the most if not the caring bloggers on here and always had a kind word and advise for someone. She will be missed by me and many more. Hopefully Rose will stay as we can't keep lossing all these wonderful people.

I can put this comment saying how great whywhy is without her telling me off. So to whywhy a special person.

((((Dope hugs for whywhy))))


hiya rose,,,,,,,,,,

long time no chat. i am so pleased to hear why is happy with her decision and that you are still in touch.

we had our ups and downs, all my fault i know and now regret but what is life without a few regrets.

she was such a caring person and gave so very much to me and others with out asking for anything in return and i miss her so much but am so pleased she is in a better place.

i hope you stay rose, i realy do but will understand if you dont want to.

i have called myself a nutter numerous times on here. i dont know what happened but i do hope grog is ok.

all my love to my 2 old friends and forgive me my tresspasses xxxx



No probs, Cookie, I don't hold grudges, they're too heavy! ;) We all have our moments! Hope you are okay and that Debs is recovering well.

Yeah, Why is okay, ta and I understand that Grog is making good progress :)

Take care - keep in touch, you have my email or if you've lost it PM me and I'll let you have it again.

Love n hugs


Don't know what i'll do about the site - if it stays that is! :-O Just having a break for a bit and trying to get over all the brouhaha. Might throw a Garden Party soon to try to cheer everyone up. xxxxx


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