Agree to an end but!!

Hi all, hope we are all well, I just wanted to say that while we are all willing to put behind us the events of the last few days let us bear in mind some other facts, like the fact whywhy has gone. This person who caused all of this is free to remain with you all wanting to forgive and forget yet out there is a deeply hurt woman, who has spent hours coming onto this site to give you all advice and help in any way she can. SOme have agreed to police the site themselves but have any of you actually thought that now this person had gotten away with this yet again she wil strike someone else and bring them down in the same manor. It is a great injustice that the guilty have won over the innocent and that is my voice my opinion and my say x Donver x End of we move on, but i will always be wary now and watching at all times.


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17 Replies

  • Very upset here two. And echo all you have said.



  • :) xx

  • Totally agree.

    I won't say anymore on the matter, I shall protest with my fingers and I will never converse with said person in here, I know where my loyalties lie and my profile picture says it all.


  • I agree with the speaking part x and i agree with the loyalty x i go with the helper, not the destroyer x

  • And that makes three of us :)



  • Thanks for posting this donver, totally agree too :)

    Mimii xx

  • Your welcome mimii x Sometimes some people should never be forgotten x

  • You never forget your first troll :)

    bev x

  • That you don't hyper lol xx

  • I too find it so sad, I really appreciated whwhy support and think she is such a special person, she have everyone so much support. I hope we can all support try to support each other the best we can through these difficult times.

    Jules x

  • Aw Jules that's so nice, I think she helped us all more than she could ever imagine. Its rare to come across a person who has such a talent for helping others even though she felt so crap herself x But then I find there are a lot on here that do that xx Im always about to help if I can xx Donver x

  • Totally agree Donver and I think we just ignore said person who so totally upset our precious whywhy. Her advice , support and humour is sorely missed by us all. Julie xx

  • She seems to have been such a support for so many people xx i intend to ignore said person xx

  • Hihi, totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. Very sad that Whywhy is gone, and I think we are all very much still missing her presence here.

    However, lets not think that the guilty have won over the innocent. If there are people out there who wanted our forum to fail by spreading negativity, the fact that we're all trying to band together to make this forum what it once was shows that the guilty did not win. I'm sure Whywhy wouldn't want us all to be fighting and being bitter. And perhaps if we show that we still are the lovely forum it once was, that we won't let anyone who's trying to be negative bring us down, whywhy will return. Fingers crossed :)

  • We shall all carry on to the best of our abilities xx :)

  • Wasn't there a song, 'We shall overcome'? Feel it is appropriate here.


  • Ohh dont know that one Mystery x Sounds appropriate though xx

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