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Good afternoon

Well I don't about everyone else but I feel a bit unnerved by what's happened on here over the last day.

Well I've been out, husband drove I had a major panic attack getting to the shop, whilst in the shop and whilst I paid. It's hard work paying, remembering my pin, finding an email with a code for a discount and panicking! I now feel like I've run a marathon and a rest! All to get garden furniture that could be bought on line and delivered!

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Hi Winter,

Sorry you are feeling so unnerved by all that has been happening on here today.

It is so distressing and so unnecessary. We have lost a lot of good friends today and we're all a bit shell shocked.

I'm sorry you had such a nightmare experience shopping today. I do hope you've been able to relax this evening.

Best Wishes


hope you are feeling a bit better now Winter.

unfortunately, these things can happen but it's important to remember that there are still soe very good people on here, new people join and, hopefully, others may return.



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