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Afternoon :-)

Afternoon :-)

Hello all :-)

Hope your all doing well, thought I would just say a quick hi, been spending most of my morning with my little man and pupster, she seems down lately, don't know if she picks up on my moods so been having lots of fun with them this morning. Eaten breakfast and snack, high energy peanut butter, flapjacks, drinking plenty, I've put a 1.5ltre bottle in the fridge to make my way through.

Enjoyed some exercise, as I've done nothing for months and I don't walk as much as I used to so got my davina fit out and some Pilates.

The sun is kind of shining here, seeing if ive got the courage to go out today, more kids on my front with the weekend but I half think sod it, this is to get me better, they don't care what I do...

symptoms are lingering I can feel them surrounding me, so time out before lunch, do some visualisation cd's and see if I can lift this constant feeling.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, sending positive and happy thoughts xxxxxxx

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Afternoon :-)

Is that a pic of your pup ? cute doggy :-/

Gosh reading all you have done so far you are putting me to shame :o

Must make a move or attack on this ironing pile :-/

I do think dogs can pick up on our moods

When I was young & at home we had dogs & they would always come & fuss round me if I was sad & so on , I used to always think they no how I am feeling

You are doing so well :-)





yes that's my lady:P

oooh my ironing pile been here a few weeks I cant seem to get my head into it, if I achieve it today il be proud of myself aha

Yeah she seems happier now bless her, ice age atm cheers me up:P

Thankyou :-) just scoffed lunch so happy bunny, its a lovely day I must do something, hope you have a lovely afternoon, sunshine sure does change my mood xxx


Oh she is adorable :-)

Well done with the lunch , it really makes me smile when I read about you eating & how well you are doing with it :-)

Well here we go , if you see me back on here in a hurry shout at me to get of as now I am about to face the ironing & I must not come back on till I have finished :-D

Hope you have a lovely afternoon :-)



aaha! just think how good it feels when its all done xxx

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hi Michele, what a georgeous pup, is she a springer? you are definitely doing everything right, keep on the way you are going and you will start feeling your energy levels rising, keep it up.xx


springer x husky :-)

Yeah I hope so lol thankyou:-) il try xxxx


Hey I got a springer and he's my boy ... Always gives me cuddles... Won't let anyone sit next to me!! He does pick up on my moods.

I've been feeling the same Hun ... Just lingering... I'm about to go and do head space... It's an mindfulness app:) hopefully I will feel better:) Have a good night Hun xxx


Thankyou hun :-)

aww springers are adorable, love my lady loads but a handful:P oh that's good hope it helps ive done my visual cd and ive ate a full meal for the first time in ages very pleased it must be helping

Thanks hun, you too xx


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