Have had a few good days ,a change of inhaler and off the Prozac,however had to go back on these as I had a dental app today,which I'm terrified of,I was ok ok till I got home then my pulse rate shot up again,I'm drinking water to contol it,y o. y after a few good days, my gp changed my inhaler coz he seems to think that seretide may b causing these palps,


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  • Hi louise

    Your GP , will no what he is doing & if he is right that will be a good thing if it stops the pals

    Don't feel bad , dentists can make most of us anxious , I no they do me , I take something before I go

    I hope you have calmed down a bit now

    Take care




  • I hadn't taken my lansoprazol for my hiatus hernia acid either,forgot,I notice if I'm late with that or I'm worried over something my tummy sets off and upsets the vagus nerve,which can affect 1or2thingd iv to go back to see my go again nex wk,to see how I'm oping,thanks why why,hope ur ok hugs xxx

  • That's usual , with the tummy upsets

    Glad you are feeling a little better

    I am ok thank you


  • I'm a bit better now thanks,but still on edge a bit

  • Agree with WhyWhy, fear of the dentist must be one of the most common phobias, know anyone who is relaxed visiting one? Hope you're managing OK with Prozac. Please remember that you shouldn't just stop and start with these types of meds, you should wean yourself off gradually.

  • I know that but they make me feel so awfull,I'm not doing well with these at all ,I was on citalopram before that

  • Feel awful for you, it's crappy having to take all these meds just to feel normal. I've been on anti-depressants for years, I've resigned myself to the fact that I have to take them, maybe for life. People with diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart conditions etc....they all take medication for life so why should I have a problem with taking mine, they keep me sane.

  • I never used to b like this,I seem to have fallen apart since I lost my husband and son,I have a daughter but as she lives a good way off and works full time I don't see a lot of her,so I'm quite desolate sometimes

  • I try to say to myself that all my symptoms r anxiety,sometimes I win and I'm ok ,sometimes I don't and I have a horrible day like today and I get very scared,

  • You should be like me louise.

    Just rip all of your teeth out,then you don.t have to worry about the dentist!

  • Perhaps, but then she'll have to worry about not being able to eat solid food grog!

  • my fear of needle with bad anxiety - I do hope I do not made to have mental health test I would not bass if there ask for blood no way

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