Normally I get notifications by email when some one blogs or makes a reply. I had trouble getting on the site late last night and have had no e mails so assumed site had gone down.

I have just "tuned in" and find we have lost two good friends and bloggers.

I refer to Bertty and Muffin.

I got to know Bertty quite well and we messaged each other regularly.Now his account is not accessable so I can't find out what happened.I knew he was an alcoholic and was trying to help him. I too am a recovering alcoholic or "Drunk" as some people call us.

I do not know what upset him.......perhaps he was just feeling low.

Does any one know if he can re-instate his account or not.

Same with "Muffin" I read all her blogs.The trouble there is that although I had the greatest of respect for her and also a lot of empathy I could not answer her blogs because I just have no knowledge of her particular illness.Perhaps I should have tried harder?

I am sorry that they have both gone.

Now tomorrow,starting from 1pm I shall be at the hospital.I am really looking forward to it NOT.I have to have an electro cardiogram.....An echo gram ...A tread mill test and a blood test all in the one afternoon. Then I have to wait for the results and see a cardiologist so it could be fun.

Going to rest now and obviously busy tomorrow.

All being well see you on Thursday.

Stay well



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  • Hi Grog,

    hope it goes all well,

    I have the same on the 25th july.


  • Hey come on......Who or what is that up the tree?........I am going to report it to whywhy.

    Thanks for your good wishes and all the best for 25th July



  • Already had words over the hoody pic , Mr B does look aggressive in that hoody


    Wish he would stick with the other pic where its him , I can take him at least half serious then :-D


  • Hi grog

    Yes I am gutted

    Infact it brought a tear to my eye

    Bertty sang me that lovely song when I was in meltdown , ready to leave & to be honest , it stopped me pressing delete (some may wished he hadn't sung it now ;-)

    I understand his problem & I think it could have been one to many Ribena's today

    We cant think rationally when we are drunk & I pray he will find peace & recovery

    He can come back , he could use Bertty but maybe Bertty2 or as we started calling him Betty

    I no how you feel , a member left here & it affected me for weeks , still think about them & its hard

    You will have to make do with us for now & hope Bertty will come back when he is ready as well as Muffin

    You must not feel guilty , if you do we all should , but we all do our best , & that's all we can do

    Good look , at the hospital & you better be on here Thursday , or that tear in my eye will start rolling down my cheek ;-)




  • That's good luck not look , this tear must be in the way ;-)

  • Now Now no tears I only allow laughter on my blogs!

    Have you taken a good look at Mr B lately?

    I would try and write you a song but I only know nursery rhymes!

    By the way someone has caught up......my in box is now full.




  • Yes seen that one of Mr B before , have tried to point out , not his best look in my opinion , but he does seem to like it :-o

    O Yanki that will be , well cleaning all your inbox will keep you busy , now I am afraid to look at mine :-o


  • whywhy

    Help me please......what is happening..........Looks like MrB has gone too, Noooooooo

    Sad Grog

  • I wished I could have helped but you have gone before I have had a chance

    I hope you come back


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