Dont know if i have done right or wrong. To me i have done the best thing!!!

As you know i am being ignored from my OH (if thats what he is). No replies to txts and mobile on answering machine. Well today i rang his doctor up and spoke to him about how he is. His doc says he has to ring him and let him know i have spokent to him. It will probably cause more trouble. The reason i did it is because i care. If he cant see that well not a lot i can do about it. I dont expect now any contact, but at least i know i tried to help. HIs doctor has been very good with him and his anxiety. I did all i could!!!!


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11 Replies

  • It sounds like your worried about him, and that is very normal.

    Wishing you well



  • Thank you Baylien. Yeh i am but now i need to take a step back and let him get on with it. I did all i could. xx

  • Yes, I agree, it will only drag you down if you dont let go now.

    i wish you well



  • Hi Lou,

    What you've done, you've done out of love.

    Only time will tell how it will pan out but for yourself I think it was important to do something.

    I know in the past I have rung someone's family to explain how ill they were. I felt they needed to know but it also gave me to chance to step back in good conscience as I knew I'd gone as far as I was able at that point.

    Hope you're ok, love.

    Take Care,


  • Hi Fb

    Yeh thats the reason i have done it. I really dont think he will look at it that way. Hey ho whats done is done. Hopefully he will go and have a good chat.

    How did the person take it when they found out?

    I am ok, hope you are. xx

  • I've done it twice, Lou!!!!

    One came round once they felt better; understands why I did it and would do the same for me without a second thought in the same situation. And the other one well ... that friendship had long ago struck the rocks, I just didn't know how to extracate myself from the situation ... it helped in that respect!!!!!

  • I think maybe it will be the latter. Not just cos of what i have done, but due to a very miffed txt i sent him yesterday. Few home truths plus some things i shouldnt have said. Its not often i lose my rag but i did. Do i feel guilty? I dont know. He has put me through a lot and it was only time i was going to snap. Done so much for him but nothing back. I glad your friend appreciated what you did for them. xxx

  • I don't know what the answer is Lou but think you had to do something to bring the situation to a head ~ you couldn't go on like this indefinitely. If the roles were reversed would he have put up with his treatment?!!!

  • FL you have given me some fabulous knowledge over the last few days. You are so right with bringing the situation to a head. xx

  • I hope itcomes good for you Lou, I think youve been a saint putting up with what you have, dont think many people would..... I think whatever the outcome, it has to change now so hopefully you will be happy soon!!

    Love Ker x

  • Thanks Anne

    How are you. Hope you are ok. xx

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