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Exhausted, please help!

I'm so tired all the time, even when I've had a good sleep I feel like I've not even been to bed, any advice or remedies please, I no caffeine can make anxiety worse I don't know what to do xx

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I know exactly how you feel I feel constantly tired all the time n I'm studiying to try n get my nursing degree maybe a nice hot bath may relax you or possibly use some incense to calm the atmosphere maybe. I haven't really found much though to be honest all I want todo is sleep but am at uni today so trying to concentrate is a challenge. Hope you are ok. Xxx


I sleep but am always drousy, I find sleep clears my head and the depression goes away for a bit, but its a long battle


Ive been feeling like that this week thank god its friday weekdays I have to be up at 6 then in the evening I fall asleep on sofa by 9 lol

Hoping to catch up on sleep weekend though theres loads of jobs to catch up on, never seem to have much energy for much though !

Dont know what the answer is my master plan is to win lottery thenI wont have to ever get up early again lol :)

Mimii x


Hi Danielle.

Have you ruled out all physical causes for your tiredness? If not, I suggest going to get your vitamin D levels checked by your GP for a start, because low Vit D can cause extreme tiredness. I should know - I have this problem. I had a test done recently and the result showed a very bad deficiency. I now need supplements to bring my levels back up to normal.

The Daily Mail have done an article all about it today. Here's the link if you are interested:


Hope this helps you.


Ps - a lack of iron and B12 can also cause tiredness. It may be worth getting these checked by your GP as well.


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