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I have the most terrible trouble sleeping and the reason is fear! I am simply afraid that if I sleep then I won't wake up.My dr Has tried me on prozac citrolpan and diazapam.The latter did work to a certain extent but the me to two weeks supply and these have now gone

I have thought about St Johns Wort and Kalms. Has any one else tried these? Do they work? I know it is not quite 8pm but already I am getting into a panic because I know the night is approaching.

Sorry to burden you with my problems.



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  • Hi Berty. Firstly, please don't consider taking St Johns Wort while you're on other medications, it's very potent and can react badly with other meds. I don't know about Kalms. I can understand why your GP limited the doseage of diazepam, it's highly addictive. What was your experience of Prozac and Citalopram?

  • Thank you for the info about St. Johns Wort.

    Citalopram seemed to have no effect on me at all despite giving it about 8 weeks to start working.

    Prozac did seem to calm me a little but was no help in the sleeping department.and gave me a very dry mouth.

    guess I will have to try the doctor again.



  • Very happy to help Bertty. There are lots of different meds available out there to help people like us. Unfortunately it can be a case of trial and tribulations until you find the right one for you, at the right doseage level. I've experienced the sleep problems you described too, very difficult to manage as lack of sleep has a massive effect on your mental health generally.

  • Hi berrty

    Citalopram worked for me a few years ago but not this time. Like you I was on it for 8 weeks but struggled to sleep night or day... My doc switched me to mirtazapine which gives me brilliant sleep and I also find it good for anxiety and depression. My depression has lifted and I feel much calmer and less anxious on it take raw love eve x

  • That's "take care" not raw lol!

  • Thank you eve. I will ask the doc about mirtazapine

    Much appreciated


  • My mam has had trouble sleeping for years. She was on fluoxetine but is now on a low dose of mirtazapine, taken at night. It has really helped, she's sleeping better than she has in years &, for her, no side effects.

    Hope you find something that helps x

  • Thank you

    It seems to me that mirtazapine well may be the answer

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