Anxiety Again :(

here we go again. Everything was ok and bam out of the blue heart racing, complete panic. I walked in the gym went to the bathroom and it hit me. I couldn't do any cardio because there is no freakin way I could've caught up with my racing heart. It scares me so bad. I has this bra on the other day and the underwire stuck into me. So that area under my arm makes my left breast hurt, anxiety. I was doing some weights and I think I hurt my shoulder, cannot lay on it. Of course it has to be the "left" side, anxiety. I have my xanax sitting right here beside me. I don't know why I wont take it, feels like I am defeated I guess. Oh yes I have tried the breathing and I try to talk myself out of it. But dammit, it wont work. I know you guys know what it is like. It is so freakin scary. Help!!!!!!!.


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  • Hi hope you're feeling better now. Yes it only takes one tiny thing for us to convince ourselves we are terribly ill. Try to remind yourself how often this has happtened before, and probably recently too, and how those times it turned out to be nothing serious.

    Use your logic like you are doing, and remember that you hurt yourself on your bra and that is the most likely reason for the pain etc etc. Keep boosting the logic side of your thinking, this really helps me when the emotional anxious side starts to come out. Think what is most likely. 

    Good luck and hope the pain subsides.

  • thanks

  • That's the only way I survive, by using logic and remembering what I may have done to prompt the symptom.  It helps....

  • Hi marsbarr,  don't let it stop you from going back to the gym.  As worrymagic said try to make some logic out of what you are feeling.  Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it comes from a thought in our mind.   I have a bottle of Xanax for a "just in case" moment. But I haven't used it and gave it back to my doctor so he could order a fresh bottle.  The deep breathing helps but the mind set must be right to accept that help or it's just like the bottle of Xanax sitting there and not using it.  No ones doubting that it isn't scary but somehow, someway, we seem to get through it.  If I look back on notes I've taken over the years of some of my scarier episodes, I'd swear it was written yesterday or today.  It doesn't change, we have to.  If it were your right breast that hurt or your right shoulder would you be as alarmed?  I think not.  It picked a side and it just happened to be the side the hearts on BUT that doesn't mean it's coming from your heart.  This is a more logical way of approaching our anxiety and it is only more recently that I started doing this.  It helps immensely....Hope you will feel better soon. x

  • I thank you so much Agora1 I went to gym today . Rode my normal 45min on bike 😊 and 10 on the stair climber. Today was a better day. I thank God

  • Good for you marsbarr.  I'm happy for you.  Have a good evening  x

  • you too

  • Hey! So, do you feel like excersise helps your anxiety? I'm starting to go back to the gym and I heard that working out will help relieve symptoms. 

  • ebbbet, sometimes the gym worms wonders

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